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Another Forty Party

The year of Forty just keeps on going and going.  This time it was Mark that we were celebrating!  It was a wonderful afternoon affair with matching embroidered t-shirts, old man jokes, facts about 1974 and lots of fun.
Looking at the photos you would think that perhaps we were celebrating someone much younger, but in fact Mark is 40 he just looks like a pre-teen.  And we probably should have taken more photos of the birthday boy; given that it was his big day, but looking back we were clearly focused on the snacks and the kids.  In the only photo we have of Mark from his party isn't a great one and he isn't even looking at the camera; I'm including it in the post anyway!

All the kids read facts about 1974 and quizzed the adults on their knowledge of that year.  1974 was an interesting year; Watergate, the MRI is developed, Juicy Fruit becomes the first product to be have its UPC code scanned, Blazing Saddles and the Godfather Part II hit the theatres and of course Mark was born!

Thanks for organizing a great party Katie.  Happy 40th Birthday Mark!

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