Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandpa's Housecoat

When we visit at Grandpa's house we normally wrap our visit with a bath. It is sort of a Grandpa and Lola thing. We have a well established routine and after hearing about my love for my new housecoat Grandpa decided that I could borrow his housecoat for after my bath.
Now granted it is a little big, but I think that I look pretty cute in it.
Thanks for the loaner housecoat Grandpa! Don't worry I'll remember to ask for it next time!

Grandpa's Birthday

Last week was Grandpa's birthday, so we all got together on Sunday to celebrate. All the cool kids were there!
Cousin Joseph and his sweet aviator shades made the long hot drive from Wasaga.
Baby Madeline (who is barely a baby any more) and Aunt Sally came too. Isabella and Uncle Jeremy were there too, but clearly on the move too much for mom to snap a picture of them.
Grandpa took myself and all the cousins went to the park to play. None of the parents were concerned about Grandpa looking after all the kids at the park on his birthday because they were too busy playing PlayStation in the basement to notice.
Baba came over to help and have some cuddles.
Grandpa always tries to get a nice photo of the two of us, I never cooperate.
Birthday cake time is what the Joseph, Isabella and I look forward to the most when we have these gatherings.
Joseph only had eyes for the cake and had the candles blown out before any of us even noticed. He is nothing if not efficient.
Joseph is really helpful when it comes to anything cake related!
Happy Birthday Grandpa thanks for the great party!

Backyard Pool

For my birthday Uncle Jon, Uncle Josh and Aunt Emily got me this super deluxe Toy Story Pool.
I love having a pool in the back yard; it is especially handy considering the heat wave that we are currently experiencing.
Sorry Mom and Dad, but there is only room for one!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alexandra turns one

Alexandra recently turned 1 and invited me to her big first birthday party. It was a super hero theme party and I went as 'Spider Mon'.
Don't you love my dreds?

Root root root for the home team

My Dad plays baseball and is pretty much a baseball superstar. I went to watch him play this week and it was amazing.
Eventually Beej and I wanted to get a better view so we headed to the park to play and watch.

The Housecoat

I love having a bath, especially a bubble bath. My bath is one of my favourite things about getting ready for bed. Recently mom introduced a new element to the bath time routine; a housecoat. At first I wasn't really too sure about it, but now I am crazy for it. I want to wear it all the time, before the bath, after the bath, in bed; the housecoat wearing potential is limitless.

You can't see in these pictures, but it has the most precious L embroidered into one of the pockets.

Thanks so much for the awesome housecoat Tanya, I love it and I am so happy that I am finally big enough to fit into it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cottage Vacation

For our family summer vacation we headed to this beautiful cottage State side with Beej and his parents.
We arrived in Michigan with no real college affiliation and quickly became Michigan State fans! Yes, all of us. Though no one is quite as dedicated to the Spartans gear as much as Uncle Mark!
Over the week Daddy and I did a lot of swimming. I went from a kid who wasn't too sure about the lake to a kid who wouldn't get out of the lake.
I love swimming with the fishes.
Daddy couldn't get me out of the water, my lips would be blue and my teeth chattering and still I would be saying 'again, again I swim with the fishes'.
I also loved it when Daddy threw me high in the sky and then dip me low in the lake. It was super duper fun.

Here I am taking a very brief break from the water, just a moment to hydrate and warm up.
Cocktail time! It must be 11:00 somewhere!
We all had the opportunity to do what we all love best, Daddy and I swimming, Katie floating, Mark filming, Beej digging. It was the perfect place for our families to rest and relax (oh, and shop, don't forget about the shopping)
The cottage also had a boat, we didn't rent it, but we sat on it and pretended that we were going for a boat ride. It was the perfect place to have a drink and a snack in between swimming sessions. Beej and I were allowed to be the captains and the horn worked, it was so much fun.
A few of my babies made the trip with us; even without their passports they were allowed in. Mom was a little bit nervous, but I assured her that it would all be fine.
I was up early every day and was eager to get outside, so the three of us did some early morning dock work in our pj's. Mom looks tired here, well, because she is exhausted. Maybe I should have slept at least one night in my own bed?Same morning, but why does Dad look so much more awake? He must have already consumed more coffee then Mom.
Thanks for such a great vacation Beej! I can't wait until next year!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My craft box

I have this amazing craft box, which is packed with stuff for doing arts and crafts. Markers, glitter, crayons, googly eyes, pompoms, coloured paper and lots and lots of stickers. A number of pretty wonderful works of arts have been produced by the contents of the craft box.

Recently mom introduced me to white glue! I really, really like that stuff. I especially like when it dries and you have to pick it off your belly, plus it tastes delicious!

My new bicycle

Grandpa and Baba were in England and unable to attend my birthday party earlier this month. When they got back though they got me my first bike! It is red, plays music and I love it. Once I figure out the peddles there is going to be trouble.
Thanks for the amazing bike Grandpa and Baba!