Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Celebration of Lola

For Lola's birthday this year she requested that she get to take a few of her friends to the CN Tower.  She has been obsessed with the CN Tower for awhile.  We aren't really sure where it came from, but she really really wanted to go.  So, we gathered up some friends and family and hopped on the streetcar (with a backpack full of snacks) to head down to the tower. 

Morgan and I were very pleased with our well coordinated outfits.
The kids were all really excited to go up the tower.  The glass elevator ride was a very popular and so was going through the security check, but they all couldn't wait to see the glass floor.

Quinn had no fear and absolutely loved the glass floor.  He ran right out on it and laid down to watch all the cars down below.

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After the kids grew tired of looking around and trying to find their homes we headed back to the our place for some bbq and cupcakes.  
We had set up a scavenger hunt which kept everyone (adults included) quite busy and then after cupcakes we had an impromptu visit from the fire department.  They were just randomly stopping by to talk about fire safety and invited all the kids to hop in the truck and check things out.  They all took turns sitting in the drivers seat, trying on their gear and just generally playing with all the super neat things that can be found in a fire truck.  And as if that wasn't enough coolness from the firemen they then invited the older kids to join along with them on their door to door campaign and help hand out information on the importance of having a fire escape plan and checking the batteries in your smoke detector.  They also remembered the fire that we had at our house in December 2011; they were the team that saved us when our new Christmas lights caught on fire.  They were amazingly cool and super great with the kids and when they finally pulled off our street made sure to blow their horn a number of times.

It was another wonderful celebration of Lola!  Happy 5th birthday my little girl!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Girl

In our house your birthday is a pretty special day and you can pretty much request to do whatever you want that day.  So, when Lola woke up on her 5th birthday the first thing that she asked to do was open presents.  So, she sat down pre 7am to open all her gifts, she just couldn't wait until after dinner (which was her plan the night before).  After presents her day continued to be pretty amazing.  She went to Tim Hortons for breakfast, off to Dad's office to work for a bit, then...
to the movies to watch Turbo. 
The a stop at the coffee shop for juice and banana bread.
And a short photo session with Mom and Dad.
And then home for a pad thai feast and a sparkly pink birthday cake.
It was absolutely everything that the little lady had requested to do our special day. 
Happy 5th Birthday Lola!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turning 5 - Part 1

Lola's 5th birthday celebrations started off with the Dunton birthday party.  The Dunton birthday parties are a pretty standard affair and over the years we have all come to know exactly what to expect from them.  Recently Baba and Grandpa Bill decided to shake things up and added a karaoke aspect to the celebrations.  This was pretty much the best thing that could happen to a five year old Lola.

She does a fantastic version of the Hex Girls
Shaymus and Tamara were in charge of decorating the cake.
Quinn tried to help, but all he did was eat the Smarties that Baba passed to him for decorating purposes.  So he was removed from cake decorating duties and delegated to snuggles.
Shaymus and Tamara did a great job on the cake.  Decorating the cake is normally Lola's job, so she was concerned about handing the duties off to others. 
In the end Lola was very impressed with the work that her cousins did on her birthday cake.  She had requested a pink cake with pink icing and pink candles.  When it comes to Lola the answer is normally pink, pink, and more pink!

Happy 5th Birthday Lola - part 1!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Cottage Vacation

Every year we pack the wagon to the rafters and head up North for a week of fun in the sun.  Sometimes the car can be quite a silly place!

One of the greatest things about this week is that not only do we get to spend some quality time together as a family, but we also get to spend some time with some great friends.

We got to celebrate Sarah's birthday while we were up there and we also got to celebrate Ginou's 40th seventeen times.  There was no shortage of reasons to eat cake or drink celebratory cocktails! 

There was also a lot of time spend on the water.  If the (big and little) kids weren't on the digging on the beach or jumping off the dock, they were on a sitting on a boat or a hanging on to a tube.  Lola quickly discovered her love for tubing and spend quite a lot of time with Zach and Alexandra whipping around the lake laughing and screaming!

The tube ride that Jon and Darcy went on was possibly one of the funniest things I have seen in my life.  Lola was concerned that her dad was hurt, but once he gave her the thumbs up, she couldn't stop laughing.

Cottage vacations can't be all action all the time, both Quinn and Lola enjoyed their little break on the big comfy couch at the end of the day.

Face painting remains one of those activities that Lola loves, so we brought out kit up to the cottage and came up with these beauties. 

We had a lot of snacks and a lot of fun times and pretty much spent every waking moment outside.
I asked Dylan and Lola to just pause playing for one second and get together for a quick photo, this was how they posed.  After they checked out the photo to make sure it was a good one Dylan asked if I could post it up on Facebook since he figured that everyone would want to see it.

We had such a great family cottage vacation this year that Lola is already planning next years visit!