Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Celebration of Lola

For Lola's birthday this year she requested that she get to take a few of her friends to the CN Tower.  She has been obsessed with the CN Tower for awhile.  We aren't really sure where it came from, but she really really wanted to go.  So, we gathered up some friends and family and hopped on the streetcar (with a backpack full of snacks) to head down to the tower. 

Morgan and I were very pleased with our well coordinated outfits.
The kids were all really excited to go up the tower.  The glass elevator ride was a very popular and so was going through the security check, but they all couldn't wait to see the glass floor.

Quinn had no fear and absolutely loved the glass floor.  He ran right out on it and laid down to watch all the cars down below.

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After the kids grew tired of looking around and trying to find their homes we headed back to the our place for some bbq and cupcakes.  
We had set up a scavenger hunt which kept everyone (adults included) quite busy and then after cupcakes we had an impromptu visit from the fire department.  They were just randomly stopping by to talk about fire safety and invited all the kids to hop in the truck and check things out.  They all took turns sitting in the drivers seat, trying on their gear and just generally playing with all the super neat things that can be found in a fire truck.  And as if that wasn't enough coolness from the firemen they then invited the older kids to join along with them on their door to door campaign and help hand out information on the importance of having a fire escape plan and checking the batteries in your smoke detector.  They also remembered the fire that we had at our house in December 2011; they were the team that saved us when our new Christmas lights caught on fire.  They were amazingly cool and super great with the kids and when they finally pulled off our street made sure to blow their horn a number of times.

It was another wonderful celebration of Lola!  Happy 5th birthday my little girl!

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