Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beej's Baptism

This weekend was Beej's baptism. He did a really good job and we were very honoured to be a part of his very special day. The ceremony took place in the chapel at Dad's old school. He told me lots of funny stories about his times here. Here he is explaining how you book someone during chapel.
I was so excited for Beej that I kept asking Mom if it was time to clap yet. I was super happy when she finally said yes!
Doesn't he look handsome.
Congratulations Beej!

A Collingwood Vacation

We went up to Collingwood to spend a weekend visiting with Grandpa and Oma. They live super close to the coolest pumpkin patch, so we all went over to check it out.
They had a goat; Dad loves goats. We aren't really too sure why Dad has such an affinity for goats, I'm a little bit leery of them myself.
They also had this super large tractor made out of straw. It had really cool horn and a moving steering wheel, I was pretty happy up there.
This is going to have to be a annual thing, in 2010 I was 3 pumpkins tall (thanks to my hat).

This was pretty fun. Grandpa and I were the only ones who really put their faces in the cut outs. In fact Grandpa put his so far in that he may have gotten a little bit stuck.
Setting off into the corn maze; I was up on Mom's shoulders to gain the advantage.
We had to find and collect stamps from a turkey, a bull, a sheep, and a chicken while in the maze – and find out way out. We were in and out of there with all four stamps really quickly; I think that we may have set a new Fernwoods Farms Market record.

After that, we headed out on a tractor ride through the pumpkin patch.
The ride was pretty cool, but it got especially exciting when we almost got stuck in a giant muddy mud puddle.

They had lots of things to do at the pumpkin patch. Oma beat Grandpa in mini putt, and here is Grandpa showing me how to race the duckies.
They also had this game where you tried to launch a ball into a hole in a fake log using a mallet and a lever; if you managed to do it you got a free pumpkin. Grandpa couldn't do it. Dad tried really hard, but wasn't able to get his ball in. Oma was way too powerful for this game and kept launching right over the entire apparatus.
Then Mom stepped up, she got her ball in on her second try.
Dad managed to get a picture of the winning shot. Mom is very proud of her major award. Thanks for such a great visit Grandpa and Oma. I can't wait to go again next year!

Happy Birthday Dad Part 2

The parties for Dad's birthday always span a few days, sometimes a few weeks, and even sometimes a few months. For party number two this year we went to Grandma's house.Here are Dad and I with birthday cake number two.
Mom spent a whole lot of time working on this cake. The icing didn't turn out like it was supposed to; Martha made it look so easy on TV. Regardless of the icing debacle, it was still delicious and Zen liked the chocolate leaves!
After a delicious thanksgiving/birthday lunch we headed out for a walk to work off some of the zillions of calories we had consumed.
Zen and I decided that that wagon was the best way to travel.
Our walk took us to the park, where Zen, Miranda and I played. Happy birthday again Dad!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helping with the leaves

It is officially fall and we have started to close up our gardens for another long cold winter.
Dad and I have been hard at work raking and bagging all the leaves.
I love to wear my gardening gloves when doing any outdoors work. Mom always says that her gloves make her braver; I think mine make me cuter.
While Dad and I were hard at work outside, Mom was inside going through all of our winter stuff to see what fits and what needs to be replaced. One of the things that she found was this Winnie the Pooh hat. Mom loved this hat and wore it all winter for a number of years. Anyone that knew Mom in the early 2000's knew this hat! She was quite pleased when I picked it from the basket of hats to be mine. Plus, it looks super adorable on me!

Outdoor work is pretty hard, but Dad and I make a great team!
Now, we have to tackle the leaves in the front yard. Maybe next weekend!

Happy Birthday Dad

For Dad's birthday we had a few friends over for dinner to help him celebrate the beginning of another year! Beej and I were greatly anticipating our favourite part of the evening, the double chocolate birthday cake.
Sarah made her secret family recipe birthday cake. It was super delicious.
Beej did a really good job at helping to blow out the candles. Since my birthday I have become a whole lot more comfortable with flaming desserts and I love to sing Happy Birthday; but I was content to sit back and watch as Beej took care of the candles.
After a delicious dinner it was time for the dance party; every good evening always ends with a dance party. Julie, Beej and I were cutting a rug to the Wiggles when Dad decided to show us how it is done.
For an old guy he still has some pretty sweet moves.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Twenty Six Months Old

This may be one of my favourite months.
This is an outfit that Lola put together all by herself. Thanks for the great vest Oma, Lola won't take it off!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Warm Up

With Thanksgiving and Darcy's birthday over, we can concentrate our efforts on the next major holiday in the kid calendar. Halloween is one of our very favourites! We can't wait!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bonk

I fell on the streetcar. This is what it looks like. Mom feels terrible!


Diane is Dad's god mother, she lives far away, but sometimes comes home to Canada to visit. This was my first opportunity to meet her; though Mom and Dad have told me lots about her. She is the brilliant woman who gave me bunny -- my most favourite thing in the world! Coincidentally, she was also the woman who gave dad elephant -- which at one point in time was his most favourite thing in the world. Clearly she has a talent for picking these out.
She came over to our house for a visit and to meet me and she brought me a present. It is my new favourite book; it has lots of animals in it and lots of tabs to pull. I'm really enjoying it.

She also gave me these great bells, you can put them on your ankles and walk around ringing and jingling for hours!
Thanks for the great visit Diane, it was so nice to get to finally meet you.
Come back soon!

Baba and Grandpa Visit

A few weekends ago Mom and Dad got the opportunity to participate in motionball's Football Frenzy. They had an amazing day and raised some funds for Special Olympics. Mom teamed up with Uncle Jon; they completely dominated the entire tournament and come home with the championship trophy. While they were all out running around all day; I got to hang out with Baba and Grandpa.
It was a fun filled day of playing and reading. Baba swears that she still knows all the words to Dora's Little Star!
Thanks for the great visit Baba and Grandpa, next time lets make it a sleep over at your house!