Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chunky Lola's

For Christmas I got this great cookbook and because of the new year's cleanse I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes yet. So this weekend, Lola picked out what the first delicious treat was that we were going to make.
Yes, she picked the Chunky Lola cookie!
She is a pretty good helper. She likes to pour all the ingredients into the bowl and mix everything up. Most of it stays in the bowl.
Her favourite part is putting the cookie dough on the tray. Thanks to Sarah for showing us this super duper cookie dough spoon, it is a lot more fun.
We make a pretty good baking team.

The cookies turned out delicious and I will for sure keep the Chunky Lola in my cookie making repertoire. Lola hasn't had a chance to take a look and pick what we are making next weekend, but we are going to try one special treat from my fancy cookbook a week! Delicious!

Beauty and the Beast

For Christmas Uncle Josh and Emily gave me a DVD of Beauty and the Beast. I have watched it at every opportunity since.
Saturday mornings I love to get up and eat my breakfast in my pj's while watching Beast!
I love it, I love the songs, I love the characters, and most of all I love Gaston!
After hearing about my new big girl bed, Grandma decided to indulge my new obsession by getting me this great new Belle blanket for my bed.
As you can tell I'm pretty happy about the blanket! Thanks Grandma!

The Ponytail

Since our visit to Grandpa and Oma's house the other week I have become more interested in a ponytail.
Up till recently I have been vehemently against ponytails and all of their accessories - clippies, hair bands, elastics, hair pins, barrettes, bobby pins...
But, I'm starting to like them.
And Dad makes a really good ponytail. You would think that he has been practicing for years!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dishwasher

For months the dishwasher has been out of commission and Mom and Dad have been complaining about it. They took it apart and figured out what was wrong (it was mouse related) and then ordered the part, it was the wrong part, they hoped the dishwasher would fix itself, they ordered the right part, Kevin was too sick to install it...
Finally it took Julie and I to figure it all out. Here we are making sure that everything was working properly. Mom and her dishpan hands are very happy now that everything is working again!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It is Cold!

It has been cold here, like Winnipeg cold, and we in Ontario aren't built for that kind of cold (don't laugh BC you can't handle it either). So, in response we have decided to just stay inside and pretend that what is happening outside really isn't happening at all.
It makes it easier to forget about the cold when you wrap yourself in lots of blankets while watching Beauty and the Beast.
Also if you wear your favourite toques inside the house it helps keep you warm too.
And finally spa work always warms the soul. Thanks for the great new nail polish Stephanie and Tamara!

Family Ski Day

Mom and Dad decided that it was about time I got my sweet snow suit on the slopes. So, we headed up to visit with Grandma and Oma for a family ski weekend.
Mom was exhausted by the time she got me all geared up, but I was so excited to go skiing that I didn't even fight her on anything. And I totally loved my flaming helmet.

Here are Grandpa and Daddy helping me get my Mickey Mouse skis on. I'm not calling them Mickey Mouse because they were only 30cm long, but because they actually had a picture of Mickey Mouse on them.
I loved going up the 'magic carpet' to get to the top of the hill. Grandpa and Daddy were pros at it!
Watch out below ski bunny coming through!
Don't we look great.
The skiing was fun, but one of the highlights of the day was when we stopped to warm up with a snack of french fries and hot chocolate.
After skiing Grandpa and I did some work with clippies and hair bands. I think that we look great. Thanks for a great visit Grandpa and Oma, see you soon in Florida!

Twenty Nine Months Old

Family Day

Every year we go back to Daddy's high school to visit on Family Day. It is a fun filled day with lots to do and lot of friends.
The day always starts out with the 'old' boys basketball game.
Daddy is pretty slick on the court. I think that he is a true baller.
Mom and I watched the game for a bit and then headed with Auntie Amanda and Zen to check out some other events.
I was so happy to find the bouncy castle. It was big, it was empty, it was perfect.
Auntie Amanda and I had a great deal of fun in the bouncy castle.
Zen was getting so much air from his jumps in the bouncy castle that he was touching the roof. It was crazy.
After the bouncy castle we headed to the art room to do some crafts and have our faces painted.
Then it was on to dinner. Before dinner the pipes and drums band played and were marvelous. And then during dinner they put 'Cars' on the big screen. Beej and I were pretty happy with the dinner entertainment.
It was a great day spent with lots of friends and family. And it is always fun to see the place where so many of Daddy's stories originated.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ukrainian Christmas

The final event in our Christmas adventures is Ukrainian Christmas. A wonderful tradition that involves friends, family, lots of wine, and13 dishes of cabbage and onions!
There are a number of extended family members that are regulars at Ukie Christmas. Here is Dad hanging out with the cool kids.
I was very excited to sit and watch Beauty and the Beast with Aunt Emily -- Uncle Josh, who?
Ukrainian Christmas isn't just about too much cabbage; there are also presents. I was happy to help Grandpa dish out the presents from St. Nick.
Mom probably should have taken this photo before I got my pj's on, but it is still a nice photo with Grandpa and Baba.
Uncle Jon got an Xbox Kinect for English Christmas. And after a 13 dish dinner there is nothing more appropriate to do then...
Hurdles! Dad and I were a force to be reckoned with during the track events.
And that is it for Christmas until next year. Thanks for a great holiday season everyone!