Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Day

Every year we go back to Daddy's high school to visit on Family Day. It is a fun filled day with lots to do and lot of friends.
The day always starts out with the 'old' boys basketball game.
Daddy is pretty slick on the court. I think that he is a true baller.
Mom and I watched the game for a bit and then headed with Auntie Amanda and Zen to check out some other events.
I was so happy to find the bouncy castle. It was big, it was empty, it was perfect.
Auntie Amanda and I had a great deal of fun in the bouncy castle.
Zen was getting so much air from his jumps in the bouncy castle that he was touching the roof. It was crazy.
After the bouncy castle we headed to the art room to do some crafts and have our faces painted.
Then it was on to dinner. Before dinner the pipes and drums band played and were marvelous. And then during dinner they put 'Cars' on the big screen. Beej and I were pretty happy with the dinner entertainment.
It was a great day spent with lots of friends and family. And it is always fun to see the place where so many of Daddy's stories originated.

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