Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dad had a really good time in high school, he made some really great friends there and they have some really great stories about all the trouble that they got into. Because he liked it there so much we like to go back and visit. This past weekend it was homecoming so we got together the whole gang and headed back to SAC to relive the glory years!
It was a really fun day, we started off with lunch in the dinning hall, sitting in the grade 13's section!
I am always the best helper; here I am helping Daddy with his drink.
There were lots of things to see and do after lunch; paintball, bouncy castles, bake sale table, arts and crafts. We all had a great time and then the main event started; the SAC vs St.Mike's football game. The pipers pipped the team onto the field. It was pretty impressive; I love the bag pipes.
Apparently when Dad was on the SAC football team they didn't receive the same sort of treatment. It was a great day of fun and memories with all of our friends and the SAC first football team was victorious. Woot, woot!


I just love this shot. And go Michigan State, 4-0 woot woot!

Two going on sixteen

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Visiting Big Nana

This weekend Grandpa, Mom and I went to visit with Big Nana. Mom made all of us sit for pictures like she always does. And like I always do I tried to squirm my way out of those photos.
Since it was football Sunday I wore my Michigan State jersey. Woot, woot Spartans 3-0!
Grandpa is a big Spartans fan too, so he was super happy to hold me in this pictures.
Big Nana and I just hanging out!
When we visit Big Nana she lets me play with her walker. It is pretty much the coolest toy and if you get tired of pushing, you can just have a rest on the seat.
Thanks for the great visit Big Nana, see you again soon!

Shake, shake, shake

Shake, shake, shake; shake your bootie, shake your bootie.

This is my new favourite thing to do!

Happy Birthday Beej

For Beej's fourth birthday party he party at a baseball diamond. All the attendies were divided into two teams, I was on team Lightning. After we all got our team shirts on and did some stretching; we hit the field to play some baseball. And much to the surprise of all of the adults present we actually did play some baseball!
Dylan was a integral part of team Lightning, here he is running super fast to first base after a great third baseline hit.
Dad and I played the position of back catcher for a bit until I felt a bit more comfortable.
I was still a little bit shy during my first at bat and required a bit of assistance from Dad.
The birthday boy needed no help from anyone when it was his turn to bat. This boy is a pro!
Check out that swing and that form. He has major leagues written all over him!
And not only can he hit, but here is Beej waiting for the signal to steal second.
Then it was time for team Thunder to come up to bat. Team Lightning looks pretty intimidating in the out field, but team Thunder did a great job on offense.
Sophia and her mom make it safely to first base; while also driving in two runs! Nice job Sophia!
After the game Sarah read my favourite book to Dylan, Beej and I.
Thanks for such a great birthday party Beej! Happy 4th Birthday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Photography by Lola

Daddy's cousin Chris got married to the lovely Tia on the weekend. Mom and Dad took me to the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful and I loved the flowers. While we were waiting for the ceremony to start I borrowed the camera and took a few pictures to share with the blog.
This is my favourite bracelet to borrow from Mom.
Daddy's new jacket, he looked pretty spiffy.
The audience patiently awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom.
A perfect picture of Grandma.
The happy couple; sealing it with a kiss.
I wasn't the photographer on this one, but it was such a nice shot of the four of us that I thought that I would include it.

At this point Mom and Dad took me back to visit with Grandpa Steve and they went to the reception. We all had a blast at our respective parties, thanks for the fun times Grandpa Steve and congratulations Chris and Tia!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoon

On Saturday mornings while we wait for the coffee, Mom and I watch some cartoons.
This is my favourite way to watch them.

Twenty Five Months Old

The results of the twenty five month old photo shoot. This was probably the most difficult photo shoot to date.
I had no interest in a photo. Mom tried to wrestle me down with kisses, but I said no. Dad tried an airplane ride to make me sit still, but in the end I just did it in my own way and time.

Uncle Jon was questioning Mom as to how long these would go on. Mom figures that they will continue forever, but she will only publish them on the blog as long as the people are still interested. You are still are interested in the monthly photo shoot aren't you?

This is Mom's 400th post on Lola!.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bouncy Castle

When Dylan came over on the weekend he brought his bouncy castle. We had just gotten it all set up when Dylan had to leave for his Nana and Ba's house. So, Sarah said that the bouncy castle could stay in our backyard!! I love her! I have so much fun in the bouncy castle. I like to bounce in it, roll around in it, run in circles in it, and generally be crazy in it.
Thanks for loaning me your bouncy castle Dylan!