Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom - Part 2

We first celebrated Mom's birthday at the May Babies birthday party. But, this year Mom said that she wasn't going to be happy with just one birthday celebration. So, Dad invited a few friends over for dinner to fete her a second time.

Beej was, of course, one of the guests. We got to have our own table in the back so that we could watch a movie and eat dinner without being disturbed by all the adults talking.
Beej with the help of Katie and Mark was in charge of picking out the birthday cake. The final cake choice was kept a secret until the candles were lit and the singing began.
He decided on this amazing train ice cream cake. He thought that mom would love it because it involved trains and well, what else do you need?
Mom and Neven were very excited by the cake when it was finally revealed.
Beej and I doing a really good job at helping Mom blow out the candles.
After blowing out the candles, Beej and I helped Mom take them out and lick them off.
Beej and I were both very excited by the prospect of ice cream cake, it was too delicious for words.
I wanted to eat the face, which involved a lot of blue icing. I may have gotten some on my hands.
Happy Birthday Mom!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Rapture Party

With the possible end of the world coming on the weekend we decided that the best thing to do would be to have a party. Sarah made a 'Rapture Cake' that was sinfully delicious.

We went to watch the Toronto Blue Jays in the afternoon and then headed back to our place for a bbq. Dylan had his awesome retro Jays shirt on, I can't wait till he out grows of it and I get it! The boys and I did a lot of playing.
I put on a small concert for the adults. I sang, played lead guitar and the key board. I am pretty much a musical prodigy.
The best part of the party was that the world didn't end, so we get to do this again next weekend. Thanks for coming over to celebrate the end of the world Stoski's and Etherington's!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lola Pink

This nail polish colour is called Lola. I think Lola and I will be sporting it on our toes all summer long!

Thirty Three Months Old

These photos are long over due, I should be posting her thirty four pictures soon (but who am I kidding I will probably be late with those ones too). Enjoy Miss Lola at thirty three months.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday May Babies

There are a lot of people in Mom's family who are born in May. So many in fact, that they just really refer to May as the Birthday month. This past weekend we got together to celebrate all those Dunton's who were born in May.One of the greatest things about a Dunton birthday is the cake. And since I am the only grandchild in Ontario now, I get to decorate the cake, lick the icing and eat smarties all by myself!
My Smartie cake placement is becoming more and more precise.
Grandpa and Baba kept a very close watch while I did my decorating work. Grandpa kept trying to get me to put my fingers in the icing so that he could lick it off. That way Baba can't get mad at him!
The May birthday party is considerably quieter now without the Winnipeg Dunton's, so we gave them a call. Here we are Skyping with the cousins. They couldn't be here in person, but they got to see everything that was going on.
Grandpa lighting the candles that I very carefully placed in the cake for Mom, Uncle Jon, and Uncle Josh.
The birthday gang, minus Uncle Jeff.
I started blowing out the candles before we even stopped singing. I like being first!

Happy birthday Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jon, and Uncle Josh!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


See Oma I love clippies now!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Brunch

For Easter Brunch this year Dad and I packed up and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's. Mom had to go to work and missed out on a great lunch, games and another super exciting egg hunt.
Here is a nice picture of the gang. These pictures are always harder to take then you think.

Grandpa Steve made this new swing for Grandma's garden. The rooster and I love it!
Hunting for eggs!
Thanks for a wonderful Easter brunch Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Morning

Easter Morning I woke up to a trail of amazing treats from the Easter Bunny. I was incredibly willing to put on my bunny ears, grab my basket and go hunting for treats.
Here is a photo of Dad and I sporting our traditional bunny ears mid-hunt.

A very happy bunny on the hunt!
The Easter Bunny brought me some chocolate, but most importantly the Easter Bunny brought me a whole new set of Play-Doh. In this picture it looks like I am getting ready to drink the Play-Doh, but I have learned that it smells a whole lot better then it looks! Yeah Easter!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dylla tha Thrylla

Leah is on a medically-enforced blogging break, having burned out her Blogimus Maximus muscles after an intense keyboard guitar session*. Fear not! The blogging shall continue! UPDATE: I am slow at this; more of a year-in-review than a daily beat guy. Luckily, this means Dylan's birthday is being celebrated for even longer.

How could we not report on the birthday festivities of our good friend Dylan, for example? As part of our busy Easter weekend social circuit, we traveled out to Mississauga to celebrate Dylan's 4th birthday Agent Oso style.

Beej was on the scene too, looking fine and on-theme in his Agent Oso tee.

Sarah crafted a deluxe Agent Oso cake that had all the kids hopped up on complex sugars and good feelings within seconds of its arrival.

Moms and dads all reveled in the sun while the kids kept the party going inside. Winner: everyone. After the games, treats and impromptu hide-and-seek games were done, we all headed home.

Thanks for a great party, Sarah, Neven and Dylan!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Marathon of Sport 2011

Mom and Dad are participating in motionball's Marathon of Sport again this year. It is a great event that raises funds for the Canadian Special Olympics foundation. Mom and Dad will spend a full day participating in a variety of events; Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Kick Ball, Bench Ball, Tug-of-War and Bocce; all along side Special Olympics athletes.

If you have a chance please sponsor Mom and her fundraising efforts!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for everything Mom!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie

Mark and Katie's house is under major renovations, so when Mark was looking for somewhere to host a birthday dinner for Katie we were more then happy to offer up our place.
Lola was so excited to have Beej and Dylan over to her house and to host them at the first sitting of dinner. The kids dinner was surrounded by lots of playing, movie watching, running about, and other bouts of silliness.
The adults sat and had dinner when the kids were finished. We managed to convince them that they couldn't come into the dinning room because the floor was filled with crocodiles and sharks. Weird, but it worked, at least for an hour or so.
We pulled out the birthday crown for Katie, who happily put it on in honour of the tenth anniversary of her 25th birthday.
Whenever we have these gatherings we never have proof that Neven was actually there, but look he was! I swear that is him under those hands.
Katie still wearing the crown, but now with wine. The wine probably makes the birthday crown make more sense.While I was excited to have everyone over and celebrate Katie. I was also really excited to finally have an excuse to make this cake; it is a yellow cake with chocolate ganache icing. The kids were just excited to have cake and had no interest in me talking about the hours of labour that gone into its creation.
"Just light the candles lady and get the cake on the table."
They waited patiently through a number of group photo ops (we are a picture happy group) before the cake was delivered, candles blown and it was finally time for the cake to be devoured.
It was a great get together and everything was so wonderful; good times, good food, great friends!
Happy Birthday Katie! (there were a number of cameras clicking away, but Sarah really nailed this one with all of our recent photo posing training).