Friday, May 13, 2011

Dylla tha Thrylla

Leah is on a medically-enforced blogging break, having burned out her Blogimus Maximus muscles after an intense keyboard guitar session*. Fear not! The blogging shall continue! UPDATE: I am slow at this; more of a year-in-review than a daily beat guy. Luckily, this means Dylan's birthday is being celebrated for even longer.

How could we not report on the birthday festivities of our good friend Dylan, for example? As part of our busy Easter weekend social circuit, we traveled out to Mississauga to celebrate Dylan's 4th birthday Agent Oso style.

Beej was on the scene too, looking fine and on-theme in his Agent Oso tee.

Sarah crafted a deluxe Agent Oso cake that had all the kids hopped up on complex sugars and good feelings within seconds of its arrival.

Moms and dads all reveled in the sun while the kids kept the party going inside. Winner: everyone. After the games, treats and impromptu hide-and-seek games were done, we all headed home.

Thanks for a great party, Sarah, Neven and Dylan!

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