Sunday, May 1, 2011

Princess Wedding Breakfast

Like a third of the world's population we were up bright and early to witness the festivities of William and Kate's nuptials. Lola was so excited to see a real princess wedding that she didn't fuss for a second when I went in to wake her up at 5:30am. I remember watching princess Diana's wedding all those years ago with my mom and my two older brothers. This event was something that I had to share with my little girl.

I pulled out my mom's tiara for the event and Lola and I took turns wearing it. I normally try not to put terrible pictures of myself up on the internet (there are already more then enough of those here and here), but I love this picture because Lola and I are completely mesmerized by the love and the pageantry.
Darcy was even in the princess spirit and wore a crown while making our delicious princess breakfast.
Congratulations Will and Kate! Good luck and thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

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jeremy said...

It looks fun. I remember my sister and I getting up early to watch and just being amazed at THE DRESS.