Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie

Mark and Katie's house is under major renovations, so when Mark was looking for somewhere to host a birthday dinner for Katie we were more then happy to offer up our place.
Lola was so excited to have Beej and Dylan over to her house and to host them at the first sitting of dinner. The kids dinner was surrounded by lots of playing, movie watching, running about, and other bouts of silliness.
The adults sat and had dinner when the kids were finished. We managed to convince them that they couldn't come into the dinning room because the floor was filled with crocodiles and sharks. Weird, but it worked, at least for an hour or so.
We pulled out the birthday crown for Katie, who happily put it on in honour of the tenth anniversary of her 25th birthday.
Whenever we have these gatherings we never have proof that Neven was actually there, but look he was! I swear that is him under those hands.
Katie still wearing the crown, but now with wine. The wine probably makes the birthday crown make more sense.While I was excited to have everyone over and celebrate Katie. I was also really excited to finally have an excuse to make this cake; it is a yellow cake with chocolate ganache icing. The kids were just excited to have cake and had no interest in me talking about the hours of labour that gone into its creation.
"Just light the candles lady and get the cake on the table."
They waited patiently through a number of group photo ops (we are a picture happy group) before the cake was delivered, candles blown and it was finally time for the cake to be devoured.
It was a great get together and everything was so wonderful; good times, good food, great friends!
Happy Birthday Katie! (there were a number of cameras clicking away, but Sarah really nailed this one with all of our recent photo posing training).

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Brian John said...

Sarah totally did nail it - VERY nice!!! Mark would give his seal of approval :)