Monday, June 29, 2009

First Trip to the Cottage

Mom and Dad checked Chewy into the kennel, packed up the Beetle (and boy was it packed!) and headed up north to the Cherry's cottage. We played in the sand, swam, played beach volleyball, watched fireworks, hung out on the dock, etc. Basically we did lots of fun stuff, but the only photos mom took were of Dad and I in bed Sunday morning.Dad was pretty tired.
Thanks for having us up Cherry's it was a blast. I'll be back for sure.

Super Cute Outfit

Thanks Oma, I love it! Especially the hair accessory.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mom and I scored tickets to the hottest event in the city, the Lavo company BBQ.

We had to take some photos with the products so that head office wouldn't think that we were just there for the free food.

Mom and I did some smell sampling of the new fabric softener line.

I was totally cool with Grandpa this time, no tears at all.

And since Uncle Jon works there now, I got to visit with him too.

Hold on tight Uncle Jon I'm a lady on the move! Thanks for the invite to your BBQ, it was delicious!

Piano Lessons

Yesterday my friend Karl showed me how to play the piano. I was mesmerized. Man is he good!

Maybe we could do a duet or something?
I took to it pretty quickly and was soon pushing him away so that I could tickle the ivories by myself.
And when Karl refused to give up the piano, I just turned it off and he got bored with a broken piano. Ha ha, girls are way smarter then boys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Some times it is same old same old around here. Not much new to report, but...Hum, I wonder who could be responsible for tipping over the speaker? Possibly the guilty looking pooch in the corner?

The sun is shining and summer is officially here and we are loving every minute of it.
Two trips to the park today to play on the swings, awesome!
Our rose bush is doing really well (thanks Carin!). We are all amazed that it a) isn't dead b) isn't infected with aphids c) isn't scrawny and refusing to bloom.

We have some big plans for the rest of the week, which will hopefully jazz up our blogging. Be patient, it is hot and our brains are slow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

For Father's Day I decided that we should take dad to RibFest and have a pork filled picnic in the park.Here is Dad enjoying the first half rack.

It was a beautiful day
Rack number two completed and enjoying the entertainment.

Bridget and Burke came by with their mom and dad to enjoy the festival and eat some ribs.
I'm wearing my 'her name was Lola' t-shirt that Aunt Katie made for me. It finally fits and everyone loves it!
Burke liked it when I held her little foot. Please ignore the dumpster behind us.

Getting some tickles from mom before we head home. Hope that everyone had a wonderful father's day. I know that we did.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Visiting Beej

Mom and I went over to visit the Beej. First he wanted to read me his favourite McQueen book.
Then he brought over a Thomas the Train book to share.
He wasn't really impressed when I stopped listening and tried to read the book myself.
So, we decided to do some independent reading.Then, the moms put us in the dog pen in the basement to play so that they could get some embroidery work done. We were both hypnotized by the Baby Einstein movie. It may not make us smarter, but it certainly made us quiet!

Then Beej pulled out his doctor kit and mom made me go home. Thanks for the visit!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot time; summer in the city

The weather around here has been heating up, so no more socks and shoes. Bring on the sun dresses and shorts. Plus, they show off my well sculpted thighs better than jeans!

Hey, the singing snail no longer makes me cry. Thanks Uncle Jeff and Aunt Steph!
The orange thing is my new favourite toy, a hand me down luggage tag from the Beej. Also its safety thing, if I get lost people will know where to return me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend Grandpa and Baba came over for a visit.

I cried a bit when I saw Grandpa, just enough to keep him on his toes.

Baba was happy to see all my new tricks.

This weekend I also got to spend a night with Grandma and Grandpa Steve. We had a blast and I didn't miss mom and dad at all. Grandma got me this great wagon so that the two of us can get around town. I'm pretty sure that Grandma enjoyed the wagon ride as much as I did.

When mom and dad came to pick me up, we took them to show them the park.

I love the swing and didn't cry when it was time to leave!

On the way back to Grandma's I fell asleep. All this crawling around makes me tired.
And since it is finally warm out, we get to eat our meals outside. I love it!

Friday, June 12, 2009


This week has been another busy one. We went to a picnic at our midwives clinic (no pictures) and Christie was happy to see us. We went to visit Gabe, a friend from our mama baby yoga classes (no pictures). We went to visit Dad at his office (no pictures). What we do have pictures of is....

Dad need some pictures of feather boas for work, mom thought that it would be fun if she dressed me up in them.

Okay, it was kind of fun.

Now that I am on the move, Chewy has a harder time escaping my love and pets.
I'm working on 'gentle' and 'not the eyes'.

And I am already better than mom at xbox.