Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mom and I scored tickets to the hottest event in the city, the Lavo company BBQ.

We had to take some photos with the products so that head office wouldn't think that we were just there for the free food.

Mom and I did some smell sampling of the new fabric softener line.

I was totally cool with Grandpa this time, no tears at all.

And since Uncle Jon works there now, I got to visit with him too.

Hold on tight Uncle Jon I'm a lady on the move! Thanks for the invite to your BBQ, it was delicious!

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Patricia said...

Hi, Lola! My goodness, you look more like your dad and aunt amanda and uncle aaron everyday... I thought we'd broken that mould (-:
You and your mom sure have a lot of fun together... yay girl power!
Daddy sure is lucky to have you girls around. Happy Fathers Day, Darcy...