Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quinn gets mail

This arrived in the mail for Quinn the other day; it was a really nice note congratulating us on the birth of our son, some SAC swag and some pretty tricky marketing.  Well played SAC!

Assisted Standing

This morning Quinn crawled over to this toy and pulled himself up to standing for the first time.  The picture is fuzzy and a second after this photo was taken he fell on his head and cried a lot.  But, after the tears were dry he did it again.  This boy wants to get on his feet and run with the big kids and I think that he will be doing that shortly.

Quinn Eight Months Old

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reunions and Zombies

This weekend was about opposite ends of the spectrum.  On Friday night Darcy had his 20th high school reunion.  So, we got all prettied up, dropped the kiddos at Grandma's and headed to SAC for the festivities.  It was a really nice civilized affair.
On Saturday morning we woke up early and participated in a 5K zombie infested race.  It was a messy affair.   
By the end we looked like this.  Not only are we muddy, but we are also soaking wet.  I managed to keep my head dry and mud free, Darcy did not as he chose to go head first into a few of the wetter and muddier obstacles. 

Lots of fun and a lot of mud.  Our entire team (team orange rag) were unsuccessful at completing the course without being infected.  We will need to do more training before the actual zombie apocalypse. 

I think that we all look pretty good for a group of undead!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Making Ice Cream

I've been trying to balance the time I spend focusing on each of the kids.  I was feeling that I was always saying 'just wait Lola I have to do this for Quinn'.  But, as he is getting bigger and doesn't require my attention every minute I'm doing more of 'I'll do this for Quinn and then you what do you want to do?' When presented with that option Lola often picks a project that involves making something sweet.
 10 minute ice cream in a bag is a popular pick.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visiting Dutch

The office that Grandpa and Uncle Jon work at only a short drive from our house, so when they host a company bbq in the back of the plant we always get an invite.  We are honorary employees.  And while we are there we take the opportunity to misuse some of the company property.  Quinn banged on Grandpa's keyboard until his computer shut down and wouldn't turn back on.
 Lola and Uncle Jon did some unauthorized photocopying.
 And we made sure to stock up on cleaning products.

Thanks for letting us interrupt your work day Grandpa and Uncle Jon!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The zoo

We got a family pass to the zoo.  I have taken the kids a few times on my own and we love it.  By the end of the visit I am exhausted from pushing the two of them around the 10km of trails and running through splash pads in the hot hot sun.
On our most recent visit Darcy joined us and said 'hey, lets take the zoomobile to get around, it is a lot less work!'  And it really really is! 
I wish he had come on our first visit.

Beej's Birthday Extravaganza

Beej's sixth birthday extravaganza started off with a sleepover at his house for Beej, Dylan and Lola.  Lola was very excited about her first sleep over at Beej's house.  There was quite a lot of time and thought put into packing her suitcase, her travel outfit, accessories and purse contents.

 I did not encourage this at all, I was just trying to get her out the door.
 Beej was super excited about his party.
The parents only stayed around for a glass of wine and presents and then we were sent on our way so that the party could start.
Lola had a great time and you can check Beej's blog for more details about the birthday sleepover adventures.
The next day was Beej's birthday luau and pool party.  The weather was perfect and it was another fun filled party.  Pictures were taken at the party, but they appear to be only of Paul Etherington so you will have to go to Beej's blog to see more from that day.  
Happy Birthday Beej!  We hope that you had a wonderful birthday and thank you for the parties!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandma turns 65!

At the end of August Grandma turned 65!  There was a really lovely party with great food, lots of family, amazing entertainment and tonnes of laughs.
These are the only two pictures that we took.  We were too busy celebrating Grandma and enjoying time with our family to remember about the camera!

Happy Birthday Grandma Trish!

Forty Nine Months Old

Quinn eats

And when Quinn eats things get messy.  He is a very enthusiastic eater and just can't seem to get food into his mouth fast enough.  He mostly likes to feed himself, unless it is apple sauce and then he needs help because he loves it so much that he needs it now!  Broccoli and old cheddar are favourites. 
 So are peaches.

 But, really the best and messiest are big chunks of sweet potatoes and avocado.

We have given up on bibs, they only make him messier and the floors and walls around his seat need to be washed daily.  I remember thinking that Lola was a messy eater, but Quinn continually likes to remind us that we ain't seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn.

Happiness is...

 Unsupervised complete and total access to the princess make up kit.

 And the jolly jumper.
We are simple people really!