Monday, September 24, 2012

Reunions and Zombies

This weekend was about opposite ends of the spectrum.  On Friday night Darcy had his 20th high school reunion.  So, we got all prettied up, dropped the kiddos at Grandma's and headed to SAC for the festivities.  It was a really nice civilized affair.
On Saturday morning we woke up early and participated in a 5K zombie infested race.  It was a messy affair.   
By the end we looked like this.  Not only are we muddy, but we are also soaking wet.  I managed to keep my head dry and mud free, Darcy did not as he chose to go head first into a few of the wetter and muddier obstacles. 

Lots of fun and a lot of mud.  Our entire team (team orange rag) were unsuccessful at completing the course without being infected.  We will need to do more training before the actual zombie apocalypse. 

I think that we all look pretty good for a group of undead!

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Sally said...

I love the first picture of the two of you. Leah you look beautiful.