Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beej's Birthday Extravaganza

Beej's sixth birthday extravaganza started off with a sleepover at his house for Beej, Dylan and Lola.  Lola was very excited about her first sleep over at Beej's house.  There was quite a lot of time and thought put into packing her suitcase, her travel outfit, accessories and purse contents.

 I did not encourage this at all, I was just trying to get her out the door.
 Beej was super excited about his party.
The parents only stayed around for a glass of wine and presents and then we were sent on our way so that the party could start.
Lola had a great time and you can check Beej's blog for more details about the birthday sleepover adventures.
The next day was Beej's birthday luau and pool party.  The weather was perfect and it was another fun filled party.  Pictures were taken at the party, but they appear to be only of Paul Etherington so you will have to go to Beej's blog to see more from that day.  
Happy Birthday Beej!  We hope that you had a wonderful birthday and thank you for the parties!

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Skylar Kaylee said...

ha ha ha...i only just saw this post. Sorry about the photos of Paul. That's what happens when two people have the same camera :)