Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lola goes to York!

There were lots of arms waiting to hold Lola when she arrived.

Typical York employee sleeping on the job!
There isn't a better place to sleep then on the bosses desk!

Thanks for all the snuggles Social Science, it was a great visit!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento and Al get Married!

Mom and Dad attended Bento and Al's wedding this weekend, which meant that I got to spend a night at Grandma's house.

The wedding was a blast (Bento and Al both looked fabulous) but I think it was safer for me at Grandma's...
Daddy came home late, wearing a skirt and smelling sort of Scotchy.

Everything seemed to be in working order in the morning, though, and Grandma was pleased to show off her new "Granny Wagon" plates.

Aunt Peggy came by, too, on the way up to join the Hodges ladies at the cottage.
Thanks for taking such good care of me Grandma! Dad promises that at the next wedding, he'll take a picture of mom looking all beautiful.

Seven Weeks Old!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reid comes for a visit

Today Reid and Lola had their first play date. There wasn't really a lot of playing, they both mostly slept through the afternoon.

Holding hands already!
Both Reid and Lola look unsure about why they aren't in their own mother's arms.
The Proud Mamas. Thanks for the great visit Reid and Tanya!

Playmats are so much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Fall

Lola wore her special fall outfit to help usher in the new season. Thanks for the fancy dress Oma.

Lola does Collingwood!

My first visit to Blue Shores was a very busy one.

There were lots of hugs and snuggles from Grandpa and Oma.

Grandpa and Oma always do a great job of feeding mom and dad, just look at those delicious pancakes!

I had a bath in the kitchen while everyone watched.

We also went to the Great Northern Exhibition, it was my first country fair.

We all watched the house pull competition for a bit, none of us really all that sure what the point of it was.

We walked around and checked out lots of best in show farm animals and saw lots of large home grown produce. Dad and I stopped to look at a steam powered tractor, well Dad watched and I slept.

Back at the house Oma and Auntie Ness made delicious Apple Crisp!

While Grant and I took an afternoon nap.

This is my new chair, it rocks!

It was a very busy weekend and by the time we were heading back to the city I was exhausted! Thanks for such a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep when the baby sleeps...

But what are you supposed to do when she won't sleep???

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Nana

Lola finally got to meet Big Nana.

And like a true Dunton after she finished her lunch at Nana's she laid down on the living room floor and slept the afternoon away. Only five weeks and already fitting right into the family!

Weekend at Grandpa and Baba's

Dad was away for the weekend, so Mom and Lola packed up and headed to the security of Baba and Grandpa's house. Grandpa took Lola on walks and changed her diapers, Baba sang songs and cuddled Lola, Uncle Jon played with and fed Lola, and even Uncle Josh got in the act. It was a great weekend. Thanks for letting us come for a sleepover visit.

Lola hangs out and chats with her friend the bug.

Lola catching up on some sleep in Uncle Jon's arms.

Really Uncle Jon? I don't believe it.

Uncle Jon couldn't get enough of my 'Breast Friend' feeding pillow, he is planning on making them in adult sizes. Give him a shout if you are interested.

Uncle Jon watching some tv and rocking Lola to sleep.

Based on the photos it appears as if Lola spent the entire weekend with Uncle Jon. Suspicious, I'm not sure how that happened!

Last Week

Here are the updates of what we got up to last week.

Lola had her first bottle, she took to it no problem. Lola is in training for Alison and Bento's wedding, where Mom hopes to exercise this new found sense of freedom and leave Lola with Grandma for the evening.

Lola has been doing some working out, her neck is getting really strong and she doesn't seem to mind spending time on her tummy.

Lola received her first piece of mail. Yes, we took a picture of it. It was really exciting.

Lola had her first mommy and baby yoga class. Lola is the youngest one in the class and really seemed to enjoy it. By enjoy it I mean that she slept and fed through most of it.

And Lola turned one month old! I can't believe it, already a month, where has the time gone!