Monday, January 30, 2012

Things are changing

Things have been busy around here; Quinn arrived and that well, it changes everything. I think that we will keep just this one blog (no need to confuse the multitude of followers) and change the name. Something snappy, something catchy, probably something like Lola and Quinn. But, that will come later when there is more sleep, less stitches, and time. Until then we would like to introduce "the Mighty Quinn" and his very proud big sister.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

While we wait....

We bake!

Lola and I have been busy. The mercury has dropped to a more seasonal level as of late, so we have been forced back inside. Which isn't a bad thing because it gives us lots of time to work on a number baking projects.

First up, cheese cake in a jar.
Seriously delicious and in perfect portable snack sizes. Thanks for the idea Jenn!
And then there were the Whoppie Pies. Lola is a great helper in the kitchen, but you do have to watch when your back is turned, especially when the project involves chocolate batter.
Lola was in charge of the icing, decorating and assembling of the whoopie pies.
They turned out really cute and super sweet, as in make your teeth hurt sweet, but we loved every bite. While we continue to wait, we will continue to bake up new treats. Hopefully he will arrive soon; my waist line and my blood sugar levels are both rising to epic proportions!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ballet Class

Lola had her first ballet class this weekend. As you can see she was really excited about it. She did really good listening to her teacher and didn't stop smiling the whole time.
If only we could figure out how to get this sort of excitement for swimming lessons.
I'm really hoping for a recital!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Forty One Months Old

This was Lola's Christmas dress. I never managed to get a proper picture of her in it around all the chaos that is Christmas, so we put it on again on January 8th for her 41 month photo shoot.
She will only agree to sit nicely for photos if first you do an eyes wide shut one.
After that there is no telling what you get. As the photographer you just have to work with what she gives you. 'Did you get that Mom?'
She is my muse.
But, I'm not sure when she turned into such a big girl.
It wasn't all that long ago that she was this...
Our other little guy is still on the inside; waiting for the appropriate time to make his appearance. I thought that the snow storm today may be the nudge that he needs, but then again maybe not. He will be here when he is ready and the not knowing the is fun part, right? Don't worry we will let you know when he does decide to arrive!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Merry Ukrainian Christmas

This year Baba went to Timmins to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas with big Baba. Which meant that we were on our own to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas. Thankfully the only other Ukrainian people that we know invited us over for a quasi traditional Ukie Christmas feast. It was also the perfect opportunity to check out the new digs that the Stoski family had moved into.
Sarah did a really great job at preparing the Ukie Christmas feast. We had Borsch, really good borsch.And cabbage rolls, kapusta, and perogies; all made by hand (maybe not Sarah's hands, but by someones).
Dylan and I both loved the Ukrainian bacon and brocolli.
Though the best part was that we were also celebrating Neven's birthday and because there was a birthday to be celebrated there was chocolate cake to be eaten for dessert.
Dylan and I helped blow out the candles.
And there was a lot of silliness. We posed for this picture just after playing hair salon.
Merry Ukrainian Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It is January, but it feels like March around here. There is the promise of spring in the air, the sun is warm on your face. I don't get it. It feels so wrong, but still so right! We will enjoy it while we can; I'm sure that it will be -40 again soon enough.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finger Painting

The Winnipeg crew got me some great art supplies for Christmas. One of the things that they gave me was this finger painting set. I have been cranking out the master pieces, keep an eye on your mailbox! Thanks so much Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Sally, Joseph, Isabella, and Madeline!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Eve

On New Years Mom and Dad celebrated a British New Years. Meaning that they rang in the new year at 7pm, so that Mom could still get to bed on time. It was a blast, more so for the drunk people then the really sober pregnant woman, but it really was fun.
These pictures really sum up the night well!
For a better re-cap see Beej's blog

Three Christmases

Up first, Christmas in Collingwood. Mom and Dad forgot to bring the camera, so just know that there was light dusting of snow, a fondu feast, too much wine, and lots of caroling. This also where I got my princess dress which will feature heavily in all the photos over the next few months. It was great fun. Thanks Grandpa and Oma for a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Our second Christmas celebration was at home. Grandma came and joined us for a sleep over and present opening. On Christmas morning I was the last one up, all the adults were hanging about waiting for me to wake up. When I walked down stairs I could see that Santa had left me exactly what I had asked for; Cinderella. So, rather then open any presents we all hunkered down on the pull out couch and watched the whole movie.
After the movie we were hungry so Mom and Dad got to work on the Christmas breakfast feast. This year it featured creme brule french toast and a whole lot of breakfast meats.
After breakfast we sat down to do some present opening.
There were a lot of gifts and lots of playing and hugging.
After presents we called our families and told them that we loved them and sang Happy Birthday to Isabella. And that was Christmas at home.

The third Christmas on our 2011 tour was Christmas in Mississauga. This year was a little bit quieter and a little bit lonelier. We missed the Winnipeg Dunton's very much. But, hey there was more Mrs. Gilespies' salad for Mom, so it wasn't a total loss.
With so many amazing presents over the past two days it was hard to believe that there could be anymore, but there were. A new Rapunzel doll from Uncle Josh.
Uncle Jon got a kiss for this amazing princess art kit. Look Mom it has 1500 little pieces! Are you excited!
And Grandpa and Baba bought me a cash register for my store. My store has a lot of rules; like don't touch things unless you are told or you can't come back and the girl at the cash sometimes doesn't wear pants, but that is okay. And as a warning, don't buy the cake mix, it is $30, a total rip off.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing Christmas. We love you all.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 12th to 23rd

This is where things sort of fell off the tracks in regards to the 25 Days of Christmas. I can't remember when we did what, but here is some of the things that we did up until we started off on our great Christmas adventure.
We had our Christmas colouring night. We colour in the same book each year, date it and then put it away. It will be fun in a few years to look back. Cake Pops! Sarah and I tried to keep it simple this year when it came to the cake pops. We were only going to make three different kinds for a total of 48 cake pops. Thinking that was about as simple as the project got.
They turned out amazing and were a hit everyplace that they were delivered.
There was a night where we played Gingerbread Man bingo.
The game was fun, but the real attraction for everyone was the bingo dabbers.Cookie decoration night was also a very popular activity. Complete and total free access to all the icing and decorations a little girl could imagine. The cookies were not only beautiful, but they were a very very sugary and delicious desert.
Listening and dancing to Christmas carols.The pink dress is last years Christmas dress, it is hard to believe that she grew that much in a year!
We went to a Christmas party at daycare and Santa made a surprise guest appearance. Lola had seen him earlier that day at the mall, so there were no tears, just a nice smile for her old friend.
Then there were the Christmas cookies. These took a few days.

Our cookie army ready to be distributed through out the neighbourhood.
The little elf who went door to door dropping off cookies to all of our neighbours.
Watching a Christmas movie on the pull out couch. I believe that this is Dad's favourite activity of the entire holiday season. This year we watched Frosty the Snowman. Lola loved it and at only 22 minutes it was also a hit with Mom and Dad.
Yes, Lola is wearing stockings on her legs! That is what they are for, non?
The 2011 Family Christmas photo. The lead up to Christmas was so much fun and there are more photos from our Christmas adventures to come.