Thursday, January 12, 2012

Merry Ukrainian Christmas

This year Baba went to Timmins to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas with big Baba. Which meant that we were on our own to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas. Thankfully the only other Ukrainian people that we know invited us over for a quasi traditional Ukie Christmas feast. It was also the perfect opportunity to check out the new digs that the Stoski family had moved into.
Sarah did a really great job at preparing the Ukie Christmas feast. We had Borsch, really good borsch.And cabbage rolls, kapusta, and perogies; all made by hand (maybe not Sarah's hands, but by someones).
Dylan and I both loved the Ukrainian bacon and brocolli.
Though the best part was that we were also celebrating Neven's birthday and because there was a birthday to be celebrated there was chocolate cake to be eaten for dessert.
Dylan and I helped blow out the candles.
And there was a lot of silliness. We posed for this picture just after playing hair salon.
Merry Ukrainian Christmas everyone!

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