Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Christmases

Up first, Christmas in Collingwood. Mom and Dad forgot to bring the camera, so just know that there was light dusting of snow, a fondu feast, too much wine, and lots of caroling. This also where I got my princess dress which will feature heavily in all the photos over the next few months. It was great fun. Thanks Grandpa and Oma for a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Our second Christmas celebration was at home. Grandma came and joined us for a sleep over and present opening. On Christmas morning I was the last one up, all the adults were hanging about waiting for me to wake up. When I walked down stairs I could see that Santa had left me exactly what I had asked for; Cinderella. So, rather then open any presents we all hunkered down on the pull out couch and watched the whole movie.
After the movie we were hungry so Mom and Dad got to work on the Christmas breakfast feast. This year it featured creme brule french toast and a whole lot of breakfast meats.
After breakfast we sat down to do some present opening.
There were a lot of gifts and lots of playing and hugging.
After presents we called our families and told them that we loved them and sang Happy Birthday to Isabella. And that was Christmas at home.

The third Christmas on our 2011 tour was Christmas in Mississauga. This year was a little bit quieter and a little bit lonelier. We missed the Winnipeg Dunton's very much. But, hey there was more Mrs. Gilespies' salad for Mom, so it wasn't a total loss.
With so many amazing presents over the past two days it was hard to believe that there could be anymore, but there were. A new Rapunzel doll from Uncle Josh.
Uncle Jon got a kiss for this amazing princess art kit. Look Mom it has 1500 little pieces! Are you excited!
And Grandpa and Baba bought me a cash register for my store. My store has a lot of rules; like don't touch things unless you are told or you can't come back and the girl at the cash sometimes doesn't wear pants, but that is okay. And as a warning, don't buy the cake mix, it is $30, a total rip off.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing Christmas. We love you all.

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