Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maddison Turns 1

This weekend was Maddison's first birthday party. I love parties so I was there, of course. And I wore my new party dress from Grandma, everyone loved it (thanks Grandma)!
Maddison's back yard is wicked and has this amazing play structure. I loved climbing up the slide, swinging on the rings, and trying to do anything that the bigger kids were doing.

Here are the birthday cupcakes being brought out.
Maddison loved all the singing and all the attention that comes along with being the birthday girl!
The cupcakes were delicious!
Beej just went for the icing on his!
The birthday girl and her big brother. Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party Maddy I hope that you had a wonderful day!

Please can we visit Beej?

I love visiting at Beej's house; I ask all the time to go to Beej's house. Just look at his back yard and you will understand why. It is awesome. During this visit Beej also invited Zach and his parents over to play.
Beej and I doing some very good bouncy castle work. Going up the slide is the best part.
Daddy loaded all of us into vehicles and then zipped us around the back yard. We all loved it laughing and calling for more when he stopped.
I was in charge of steering the car, I was very serious about my driving duties.
The it was Uncle Stu's turn. I sat this round out, it was a little bit wild. The boys were flying all over the place.
After bouncing and racing around Beej pulled out his t-ball set. Here I am laying down the bunt and working on my swing. I can't wait to start t-ball!
Thanks for the awesome visit Beej, I'll be back soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day & Happy Birthday Baba

For Father's Day Dad and I wore these awesome t-shirts. We were a hit everywhere we went.
Mom and I took Dad out for a relaxing brunch and after that we headed to Grandpa and Baba's to celebrate Baba's Birthday!
The gang from Wasaga were there to party. Baby Madeline was looking pretty adorable in her pink dress, she even allowed Dad to hold her for a little while.
This is the exact moment when she discovered that the arms holding her were not her dad's!
Joseph, Isabella and I did some really good bubble work in Baba's honour.
Then, we decorated Baba's birthday cake. I ate my allotment of smarties, so one portion of the cake was a little skimpy on the smarties. We also put in the candles, when asked how old Baba was turning Joseph suggested 'maybe a thousand, but I don't know...'
Happy Birthday Baba, we hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gardening with Mom

I am such a great helper around the house. Not only do I help when it comes to setting the table, changing the garbage and cleaning out the dishwasher, but I have recently taken a real keen interest in gardening.

Here I am helping mom plant some new flowers that Grandma dropped off.
Here I am weeding! I'm pretty good at listening to mom as to which ones I am supposed to pull out, but sometimes I completely ignore her and do what I want.

Fun Times with Grandma

Sometimes Grandma comes over to play with me. We always have so much fun together.
Even long after she says she can't do it anymore Grandma will still pick you up and throw you in the air!
Thanks for coming to visit Grandma!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Picnic with the Midwives

The Midwife Clinic that delivered Lola has a annual picnic. They do this so that they can see all the babies as they grow. I think that the separation at six weeks postpartum is as difficult on the midwives as it is on the families.
We loved our midwife Christie and were so happy to see her again and show her how well Lola was doing. Lola was happy to get to eat dinner in a park!
The weather this year was amazing and the park was full of happy families, sharing stories and laughs.
It was a great evening; Lola was so happy. Fish crackers, babies, dogs and a park; what more could the little lady ask for.

Twenty Two Months Old

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Tanta Ness

Tanta Ness celebrated her birthday last week and invited me to attend her super fancy roof top birthday party. Mom and I stayed way past my bed time, but I was too busy dancing and singing to even notice. I love every minute of it, especially when the girls were giving me chips without even having to say 'please'!
Happy Birthday Tanta Ness I hope that the rest of your party was a blast!

Trip to the Aquarium

Every time we had outdoor activities planned the weather decided to cooperate. The sun may not have been beaming down, but the rain held off, well mostly held off.
First stop at the Aquarium was the Baby Beluga show. It was packed, so that meant all the little people were up on their parents shoulders.
Watching the Baby Beluga show!
Daddy and I checking out the otters. Shaymus does a really good otter impression!
Then we went over to the Dolphin show. Again it was busy, so to get the best view Tamara and I got up on our Daddies shoulders.
I really liked it when they jumped!
Checking out the fish tanks!
This one looks like daddy and I are swimming with the fishes.
Our walk back to the hotel got a little bit wet. I protected by my super fancy stroller, but mom and dad had to resort to these rain ponchos. They looked pretty hilarious!That is pretty much it for Vancouver trip pictures. Thanks for making it such a great vacation Uncle Jeff, Aunt Steph, Shaymus and Tamara. We miss you lots!