Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please can we visit Beej?

I love visiting at Beej's house; I ask all the time to go to Beej's house. Just look at his back yard and you will understand why. It is awesome. During this visit Beej also invited Zach and his parents over to play.
Beej and I doing some very good bouncy castle work. Going up the slide is the best part.
Daddy loaded all of us into vehicles and then zipped us around the back yard. We all loved it laughing and calling for more when he stopped.
I was in charge of steering the car, I was very serious about my driving duties.
The it was Uncle Stu's turn. I sat this round out, it was a little bit wild. The boys were flying all over the place.
After bouncing and racing around Beej pulled out his t-ball set. Here I am laying down the bunt and working on my swing. I can't wait to start t-ball!
Thanks for the awesome visit Beej, I'll be back soon!

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