Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip to the Aquarium

Every time we had outdoor activities planned the weather decided to cooperate. The sun may not have been beaming down, but the rain held off, well mostly held off.
First stop at the Aquarium was the Baby Beluga show. It was packed, so that meant all the little people were up on their parents shoulders.
Watching the Baby Beluga show!
Daddy and I checking out the otters. Shaymus does a really good otter impression!
Then we went over to the Dolphin show. Again it was busy, so to get the best view Tamara and I got up on our Daddies shoulders.
I really liked it when they jumped!
Checking out the fish tanks!
This one looks like daddy and I are swimming with the fishes.
Our walk back to the hotel got a little bit wet. I protected by my super fancy stroller, but mom and dad had to resort to these rain ponchos. They looked pretty hilarious!That is pretty much it for Vancouver trip pictures. Thanks for making it such a great vacation Uncle Jeff, Aunt Steph, Shaymus and Tamara. We miss you lots!

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