Sunday, June 13, 2010

Granville Island

In a moment of insanity Mom and Uncle Jeff decided to take all three of us kids to Granville Island for the day. It was total chaos, but we all loved it!
We had a lunch of bread and cheese on the pier, Shaymus picked out delicious olives from the market.
While we were having lunch this crazy eye ball came over. Shaymus was the only one brave enough to go and talk to him.
We rode the merry go round. It was perfect, three seats for three cousins.
Shaymus wished that it went a whole lot faster.
It was just the perfect speed for Tamara and I.
There were geese down by the water that I loved watching.
Uncle Jeff and Tamara taking a break in the sunshine.
Captain Shaymus and the SS Turper.
Back in the mini van to have one final snack on our way home! It was a great visit to Granville, thanks for taking us Uncle Jeff!

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