Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guessing Game

Can you guess who bought me this bib?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Skylar's 3rd Birthday Party

Skylar is turning 3 and invited me to her birthday party. It was at an indoor playground that I was much to young to play in, but maybe next year.

Katie and I spent a lot of time hanging out while the Beej played with the train set.
The birthday girl blowing out her candles, with a little help from her friends.

Lots of very happy little people eating cake.
The Etherington crew enjoying the sugar.
I watched with great interest as Daddy ate his cupcake.
There was a Batman cake and cupcakes! This party is awesome! Happy Birthday Skylar.

Trip to Collingwood

This weekend we went to visit Grandpa and Oma in Collingwood. The weather was perfect when we left Toronto, but just outside of Barrie it really started snowing. Dad and his amazing driving skills got us to Collingwood without any incident and Grandpa and Oma were happy to have all of us arrive safetly on their door step.

Grandpa and Oma's back yard is a winter wonderland already!

I'm not really too sure about all that white stuff, I think that I'll stay snuggled in here.
Oma and I playing Patty Cake.
Quality time with Grandpa
The adults spent a lot of their time playing bridge, I was the dummy's assistant. No, not my dad, that is a bridge term.
Baths in Collingwood take place in the kitchen with everyone watching, I love it!

Thanks for a great visit Oma and Grandpa.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photography by Joseph

These were taken by Joseph, he is pretty talented. The high quality of his photos is due to his refined technique of holding the camera close to his subjects face and blinding them with the repeated flashes.

These ones of big Nana turned out great.

Thanks for the great photos Joseph!

Little Red Jacket

Grandma Trish bought me this great little red jacket (apparently Baba also bought me the same jacket, but Grandma dropped hers off first, sorry). I think that I look pretty cute in it!

Yes Grandpa Bill I'm still eating my hands. Mom says it is okay that she has orthodontic coverage!

Oh Grandma, that was hilarious! Thanks for the visit and the new socks!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anna Visits

Anna wanted to visit and rather then making mom and I cross the picket lines she decided to come and see us. We had a lovely afternoon, but mom only took these two photos so the true glory of the day will not be seen.

Thanks for the visit Anna and mom hasn't killed the nice plant you brought yet!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visiting Reid

Okay Reid let's take a nice photo...Reid, why are you crying?

What's with the bottle on my head?

Alright, you eat your bottle, I'll eat my hands.

He is still too upset for a photo, I'll just look away.Reid is milk drunk and I'm slipping down, this will have to do.

3 Months Old!

Things are busy when you are three months old.Here I am staying up late with my friend Laura.
This is me spending time sitting in the green chair
Really Mom, I'm three months old, wow!
Chewing on my hands is my new favorite past time. My record is eight fingers in my mouth at once!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zombie Willie Nelson

Dad went out to another Halloween party, this time as Zombie Willie Nelson. Not totally original, but better then others.

My First Halloween

For Halloween mom and dad decided to dress up as pumpkin farmers, with me as their pumpkin harvest.

They carried me around in this bushel basket, it was cool.

Did you know that pumpkin farmers had mullets?

Keeping with tradition we headed over to celebrate Halloween (and hand out candy) with Mark, Katie, and Beej.
Beej looked super cool in his McQueen pit crew costume.
It was daddy's night to feed me, I'm getting pretty good at this whole bottle thing.
This is what I might look like with hair!Candy, costumes, and staying up late, Halloween is awesome!

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues!