Saturday, November 1, 2008

My First Halloween

For Halloween mom and dad decided to dress up as pumpkin farmers, with me as their pumpkin harvest.

They carried me around in this bushel basket, it was cool.

Did you know that pumpkin farmers had mullets?

Keeping with tradition we headed over to celebrate Halloween (and hand out candy) with Mark, Katie, and Beej.
Beej looked super cool in his McQueen pit crew costume.
It was daddy's night to feed me, I'm getting pretty good at this whole bottle thing.
This is what I might look like with hair!Candy, costumes, and staying up late, Halloween is awesome!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

love the costumes! You are right - family costumes rock!!

When we looked at these, Dylan tried to say Lola for a while until we got to the pic of Beej. Then of course he said "car!". We have watched that movie too many times!