Sunday, February 28, 2010

2028 Olympics

Dad and I are in training for the 2028 summer Olympics. My fingers are crossed that by then the two person wheelbarrow race will be a recognized event.We are amazing at it!

Tanner turns 2

Tanner turned 2 this weekend and invited me to his construction themed birthday party. I wouldn't wear the hard hat (it would have messed up my hair), but I loved running around with all the other kids and even played a rousing game of pin the tail.
Tanner has some of the coolest toys at his house, check out this ride!
Mom and I patiently awaiting the arrival of the birthday cake.
Tanner's mom did a great job on the construction site cake! Check out the chocolate rocks!
The birthday boy enjoying his cupcake.
Happy Birthday Tanner! Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party!

Mastering the Spoon

Now that I am in the big girl room at day care I thought that it was time to start using my manners at meal times. I like to use a napkins to wipe my mouth, I push my seat in when I get up from the table and I've almost mastered cutlery. I do pretty well with the fork and have recently have started finessing the spoon.
Most of the time the apple sauce makes it into my mouth, if it doesn't I just lick it up anyways. I can't have perfect manners all the time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visiting Beej!

Sometimes when Beej and I get together to play the time goes by quickly and the night get late. On these occasions our mom's decide that because of the late hour we should get ready for bed together. I enjoy our baths together and Beej doesn't mind as long as I stick to my cup and my own side of the tub.

Beej has a big tub and it takes a while to fill up, so while I was waiting I decided to take a seat in Beej's McQueen chair. Legs crossed for the ultimate in decorum!
After bath time we put on our pj's and Beej read me his favourite book. It was pretty impressive.
Thanks for the great visit Beej and don't worry mom promised that she won't pull out the bath photos to embarrass us when we are older, but I think she may have had her fingers crossed!

Florida - Part 5

Thanks for a great vacation Grandpa, Oma and Jax! I can't wait until we do it again next year!

Peeps Show T.O. 2010

So here it is ladies and gentlemen the long awaited call for the Peeps Show T.O. 2010 submissions. Entries are due Saturday April 10, 2010.

What in the world am I talking about you may ask. The most wonderful contest idea ever, a Peeps Diorama contest.

So, here are the details of the second annual Peeps Show T.O. 2010. Last year saw a number of amazing and creative entries. I can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

The process:

1. Think of a scene. Sketch some ideas. Extra credit may be given to deft use of puns in the concept or title. (Examples include the always funny "Soylent Green is Peeps!"). All your main characters must be Peeps!

2. Buy Peeps.

3. Make your diorama using a shoe box or comparable item. Dress your Peeps as you see fit: Give them pipe-cleaner arms or jelly bean feet, for example. Embrace the mallow medium. If you don't know how to make a diorama, Google "how to make a diorama."

4. Take photos of your completed diorama from varying angles. E-mail two of your best photos to Put "Peeps" in the subject line. In the message, include your name, the title of the diorama and a brief description of its significance or creation.

5. Photo submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. April 10, 2010, but keep your masterpieces intact.

6. Oh, right and there are prizes, which will be awarded by an independent judge.

7. If you have any more questions, just let me know.

Good luck, mine is going to be amazing this year!

Three years ago today

Three years ago my mom died. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that it has only been three years and then sometimes it feels like she happened a life time ago. Granted a lot has changed in three years, but the ache hasn't left and I still miss her, bunches! We took these pictures in a photo booth very early one morning, it was a strange adventure. These pictures and the memories of why we were lined up at outside a store at 6am in the middle of winter are some of my favourites!

As my adventure into motherhood continues I find myself morphing into a version of my mother - a much cooler version, of course, I mean my mom was great, but not cool, at all! I hear her in my laugh (the cackle my brother Jeremy calls it), I see her in my house coat (I didn't realize that I had picked out a house coat so similar to my mom's), and I recognize it in my new found excitement for all the little holidays. Some of this may just be part and parcel of becoming a mom, but I like to think that she has been the influence.

I think that she would be proud of her kids. We turned out pretty well. We wear a little less brown now a days, but we are good people, with big hearts. And I think that she did a good job. No one is perfect, but she did the best with what she had.
I miss you mom!

Peeps Show T.O. 2010

All the details to follow shortly, but get your thinking caps on and start working on your enteries for the Peeps Show T.O. 2010. It is going to be legendary!

Eighteen Months

Monday, February 15, 2010

Florida - Part 4 Beach Day

Really, I'm having fun here!

Florida - Part 3

Going to the zoo, zoo, zooThis is my sweet Valentine's Day outfit, I know that I look awesome!

Florida - Part 2 Random Photos

Every morning baby and I have to wait till an adult determines that it is time to open the doors to the pool.
We are very patient!
Bath time in Florida is amazing, does everyone have a bath this big?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

motionball: the Gala

This weekend was the motionball Gala.
Mom and Dad got fancy and went out, while cousin Zen and I had a sleepover and relaxed on the couch.
The next morning we had an epic pillow fight, this is a photo of us taking a break from all the action to hydrate.Thanks for taking such great care of me Auntie Amanda, I had a blast.