Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silver Heels

The Collingwood Yacht Club sail past has become a father's day weekend tradition for our gang.  We go up to CWood to join Grandpa and Oma in our matching Silver Heels t-shirts and crew for Grandpa as he sails us safely past the Commodore and his squirt guns. 
This is the first year that Lola has been awake for the sailing part, normally she cuddles up in the V-berth and catches a couple hours of shut eye.
 I thought that Quinn might sleep during the trip, but was instantly taken with a love of the sea and didn't want to miss a minute. 

When we are on the boat everyone has job; Lola's is always to get as many snacks in as humanly possible before Mom and Dad notice.

 Two very happy sailors!
Lola loves being on the boat, everything is her size.  The tiny sink, tiny toilet, low table, little windows, easy to get on benches and her favourite part is the v-berth and what she has claimed as her room.  For Quinn and Lola the v-berth offers a comfortable sleeping or playing area (equipped with a privacy curtain), Uncle Aaron slept here the weekend before and I can't imagine how he managed to squeeze himself into this tiny space.
 Quinn wasn't a big fan of the life jacket, but he tolerated it.
 Silver Heels is Team Peachy!
After a day of sailing we head back to the club house for dinner and dancing.  Lola wore her special party dress and while she was excited to dance to the live music; she really wanted to master the rings like the big girls.   She is going to work on her upper body strength and show them who is boss next year.

Thanks for a great visit Grandpa and Oma!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Q & BT

Q & BT will one day be a force to be reckoned with.  These sweet faces are going to break hearts all over T.O.  But, for now they are happy to hang out in the park while their Mom and Dad drink coffee.  We love our visits with BT and Tim!

Also, first time Dad Tim takes his camera everywhere which is nice because I always forget mine now!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Peachy does Collingwood

This one is for you Beth!

You can find more information on Team Peachy here!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Baba Turns 85

Big Baba lives in Timmins and is celebrating her 85th birthday.  This is the type of milestone that you have no choice but to get on a plane and celebrate with her.  So, I packed up Lola and Quinn and we headed out to the island airport to surprise her.  (Yes, I was solo, Darcy had 48 hours of childless bliss which was cataloged on Face Book, you should check it out!)  I haven't seen Big Baba in over 10 years and she has never met my kids, so it was a shock for her when we all showed up on her door step.  She was very happy to see us and had 7 dozen home made perogies waiting.
Lola loves staying in hotels, one of the main reasons is that you get to watch cartoons in bed.

 She also loved that you could jump on the bed while having a in room dance party.
 Lola got all dressed up for the party and even let me put some clippies in her hair.
 Quinn wasn't as pleased as Lola with his party outfit, but Sophie made him feel better about it.
Quinn was happy being passed around to many arms at the party.  I also really like this picture of Uncle Josh and Jennifer.
 Big sister and little brother taking a break from the festivities.
Big Baba, Baba and Lola.  Lola was totally wonderful the whole weekend and was so comfortable at Big Baba's apartment.  It was like she had know Big Baba her whole life.
Quinn, Grandpa and Big Baba.
Grandpa, Baba, Uncle Jon, Uncle Josh and Jennifer were so helpful with the kids that it made traveling as a solo parent much less daunting.  Thanks for a wonderful trip and Happy Birthday Big Baba.  See you in Timmins again for your 90th!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to Kindergarten

Lola had her Welcome to Kindergarten meeting last week.  She was so excited to go and check out her new big girl school.  We got to check out all three kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers and do activities in each room.  She impressed the teachers with her printing, counting, and letter recognition.  Darcy and I were super proud of her.  Lola hasn't stopped talking about her first 'meeting' and doesn't think that she can wait until September to go back to her school. I can't believe that we have a school aged kid; I'm not sure when that happened, she is growing up way too fast.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baba's Boots

Baba came over to visit and Lola was dying to try on her high healed boots.  She is surprisingly good in heels.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday

The best thing about birthdays is the cake and this year for my birthday Lola picked out one of my favourites.  It was chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse, and chocolate icing, topped with chocolate shavings.  It was perfect and it was delicious.
This is such a nice picture, but I sort of wish that Lola wasn't wearing pj's and Quinn had a shirt on that wasn't soaked with drool.
 Daddy and a tired Quinn. 
 Lola was so excited it was finally my birthday, she had been practicing singing Happy Birthday for weeks.

Thanks for a wonderful birthday family!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bake Sale

 Lola's daycare had a bake sale to raise funds to renovate their rooftop play yard.  The treats that we made last year for the bake sale almost started a fight, so there was a lot of pressure to come up with something amazing again this year.  We decided to go with two types of cookies; a oatmeal cookie on a stick and a sandwich cookie.
It ended up being a full team project.  Lola helped make the dough and do the decorating.  I was the one muscle behind the operation and was the one sweating over the oven in the kitchen.  Quinn's contribution was that he was happily playing in the backyard with Dad and Lola, allowing me to bake.
 Darcy was the packaging consultant and made us a logo and fancy labels.

In the end they turned out amazing and all of our items sold quickly making us the bake sale winner (again!).

Last Ballet Class

 Lola had her last ballet class until the fall.  Thankfully there was no official recital, just a performance since only one other student was there.  There had been a man hunt in the area that day and the police had shut down the schools, clearly the teacher, myself and Sabine's nanny were the only people who had not heard about it and still ventured out to the final ballet class.
 Regardless there was no way that we would have missed this class, Lola loves it too much.

 Here is Lola doing her butterfly dance.  She did really well this session and I am amazed at how much she has learned.
But, for now we will put away our ballet shoes and tutu's and pull out the swim suits and flip flops.  See you in the fall Miss Sarah.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grandma Visits

 Visits with Grandma are enjoyed by everyone in our household; she is cheerful, helpful, hilarious, informative and fun.  And on this particular visit Grandma was also accommodating and spent time an evening with Lola and Quinn while Mom and Dad went out for dinner. 
Thanks Grandma!