Monday, June 11, 2012

Bake Sale

 Lola's daycare had a bake sale to raise funds to renovate their rooftop play yard.  The treats that we made last year for the bake sale almost started a fight, so there was a lot of pressure to come up with something amazing again this year.  We decided to go with two types of cookies; a oatmeal cookie on a stick and a sandwich cookie.
It ended up being a full team project.  Lola helped make the dough and do the decorating.  I was the one muscle behind the operation and was the one sweating over the oven in the kitchen.  Quinn's contribution was that he was happily playing in the backyard with Dad and Lola, allowing me to bake.
 Darcy was the packaging consultant and made us a logo and fancy labels.

In the end they turned out amazing and all of our items sold quickly making us the bake sale winner (again!).

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