Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silver Heels

The Collingwood Yacht Club sail past has become a father's day weekend tradition for our gang.  We go up to CWood to join Grandpa and Oma in our matching Silver Heels t-shirts and crew for Grandpa as he sails us safely past the Commodore and his squirt guns. 
This is the first year that Lola has been awake for the sailing part, normally she cuddles up in the V-berth and catches a couple hours of shut eye.
 I thought that Quinn might sleep during the trip, but was instantly taken with a love of the sea and didn't want to miss a minute. 

When we are on the boat everyone has job; Lola's is always to get as many snacks in as humanly possible before Mom and Dad notice.

 Two very happy sailors!
Lola loves being on the boat, everything is her size.  The tiny sink, tiny toilet, low table, little windows, easy to get on benches and her favourite part is the v-berth and what she has claimed as her room.  For Quinn and Lola the v-berth offers a comfortable sleeping or playing area (equipped with a privacy curtain), Uncle Aaron slept here the weekend before and I can't imagine how he managed to squeeze himself into this tiny space.
 Quinn wasn't a big fan of the life jacket, but he tolerated it.
 Silver Heels is Team Peachy!
After a day of sailing we head back to the club house for dinner and dancing.  Lola wore her special party dress and while she was excited to dance to the live music; she really wanted to master the rings like the big girls.   She is going to work on her upper body strength and show them who is boss next year.

Thanks for a great visit Grandpa and Oma!

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