Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Baba Turns 85

Big Baba lives in Timmins and is celebrating her 85th birthday.  This is the type of milestone that you have no choice but to get on a plane and celebrate with her.  So, I packed up Lola and Quinn and we headed out to the island airport to surprise her.  (Yes, I was solo, Darcy had 48 hours of childless bliss which was cataloged on Face Book, you should check it out!)  I haven't seen Big Baba in over 10 years and she has never met my kids, so it was a shock for her when we all showed up on her door step.  She was very happy to see us and had 7 dozen home made perogies waiting.
Lola loves staying in hotels, one of the main reasons is that you get to watch cartoons in bed.

 She also loved that you could jump on the bed while having a in room dance party.
 Lola got all dressed up for the party and even let me put some clippies in her hair.
 Quinn wasn't as pleased as Lola with his party outfit, but Sophie made him feel better about it.
Quinn was happy being passed around to many arms at the party.  I also really like this picture of Uncle Josh and Jennifer.
 Big sister and little brother taking a break from the festivities.
Big Baba, Baba and Lola.  Lola was totally wonderful the whole weekend and was so comfortable at Big Baba's apartment.  It was like she had know Big Baba her whole life.
Quinn, Grandpa and Big Baba.
Grandpa, Baba, Uncle Jon, Uncle Josh and Jennifer were so helpful with the kids that it made traveling as a solo parent much less daunting.  Thanks for a wonderful trip and Happy Birthday Big Baba.  See you in Timmins again for your 90th!

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