Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visiting Beej!

Sometimes when Beej and I get together to play the time goes by quickly and the night get late. On these occasions our mom's decide that because of the late hour we should get ready for bed together. I enjoy our baths together and Beej doesn't mind as long as I stick to my cup and my own side of the tub.

Beej has a big tub and it takes a while to fill up, so while I was waiting I decided to take a seat in Beej's McQueen chair. Legs crossed for the ultimate in decorum!
After bath time we put on our pj's and Beej read me his favourite book. It was pretty impressive.
Thanks for the great visit Beej and don't worry mom promised that she won't pull out the bath photos to embarrass us when we are older, but I think she may have had her fingers crossed!

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