Friday, June 11, 2010

Marathon of Sport - Vancouver

While we were on our trip Daddy participated in motionball's Marathon of Sport Vancouver. Back to back weekends of running around and playing sports; my dad is totally hard core.
Here we are on the amazing grounds of the EA Sports head quarters; they have a beach volleyball court, a basketball court, a full size soccer field, and badminton courts. This is the sort of place that I want to work at!
The facilities are amazing and I was so happy to run around on the fields.
Playing chase is quickly becoming one of my favourite games.
Cousins Shaymus and Tamara came to check out dad and his mad skills on the soccer field.
Tamara and I might have done more running around then actual watching, but Shaymus did a really good job at watching. Well, it looked like watching because he was waiting for the times when the ball got kicked out of bounds and he got to retrieve it and also when in between games when he got to go on the field and play soccer with the ref. But, we were all there is support of a really great cause and to cheer on dad!
More pictures of our Vancouver adventures to come!

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