Tuesday, January 17, 2012

While we wait....

We bake!

Lola and I have been busy. The mercury has dropped to a more seasonal level as of late, so we have been forced back inside. Which isn't a bad thing because it gives us lots of time to work on a number baking projects.

First up, cheese cake in a jar.
Seriously delicious and in perfect portable snack sizes. Thanks for the idea Jenn!
And then there were the Whoppie Pies. Lola is a great helper in the kitchen, but you do have to watch when your back is turned, especially when the project involves chocolate batter.
Lola was in charge of the icing, decorating and assembling of the whoopie pies.
They turned out really cute and super sweet, as in make your teeth hurt sweet, but we loved every bite. While we continue to wait, we will continue to bake up new treats. Hopefully he will arrive soon; my waist line and my blood sugar levels are both rising to epic proportions!

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