Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 12th to 23rd

This is where things sort of fell off the tracks in regards to the 25 Days of Christmas. I can't remember when we did what, but here is some of the things that we did up until we started off on our great Christmas adventure.
We had our Christmas colouring night. We colour in the same book each year, date it and then put it away. It will be fun in a few years to look back. Cake Pops! Sarah and I tried to keep it simple this year when it came to the cake pops. We were only going to make three different kinds for a total of 48 cake pops. Thinking that was about as simple as the project got.
They turned out amazing and were a hit everyplace that they were delivered.
There was a night where we played Gingerbread Man bingo.
The game was fun, but the real attraction for everyone was the bingo dabbers.Cookie decoration night was also a very popular activity. Complete and total free access to all the icing and decorations a little girl could imagine. The cookies were not only beautiful, but they were a very very sugary and delicious desert.
Listening and dancing to Christmas carols.The pink dress is last years Christmas dress, it is hard to believe that she grew that much in a year!
We went to a Christmas party at daycare and Santa made a surprise guest appearance. Lola had seen him earlier that day at the mall, so there were no tears, just a nice smile for her old friend.
Then there were the Christmas cookies. These took a few days.

Our cookie army ready to be distributed through out the neighbourhood.
The little elf who went door to door dropping off cookies to all of our neighbours.
Watching a Christmas movie on the pull out couch. I believe that this is Dad's favourite activity of the entire holiday season. This year we watched Frosty the Snowman. Lola loved it and at only 22 minutes it was also a hit with Mom and Dad.
Yes, Lola is wearing stockings on her legs! That is what they are for, non?
The 2011 Family Christmas photo. The lead up to Christmas was so much fun and there are more photos from our Christmas adventures to come.

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