Friday, January 13, 2012

Forty One Months Old

This was Lola's Christmas dress. I never managed to get a proper picture of her in it around all the chaos that is Christmas, so we put it on again on January 8th for her 41 month photo shoot.
She will only agree to sit nicely for photos if first you do an eyes wide shut one.
After that there is no telling what you get. As the photographer you just have to work with what she gives you. 'Did you get that Mom?'
She is my muse.
But, I'm not sure when she turned into such a big girl.
It wasn't all that long ago that she was this...
Our other little guy is still on the inside; waiting for the appropriate time to make his appearance. I thought that the snow storm today may be the nudge that he needs, but then again maybe not. He will be here when he is ready and the not knowing the is fun part, right? Don't worry we will let you know when he does decide to arrive!

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