Monday, September 3, 2012

Cottage Vacation

For our family vacation this year we headed up north to the cottage for a week.  It went so well last year that we thought we would try it again.  And it was even more amazing!  It was a week full of fun, sunshine, laughs, and things that we love to do.
I'm pretty sure that Quinn's favourite part of the vacation was eating.  He continues to eat anything and everything and is always so excited when his high chair gets pulled out.
Lola spent so much time swimming in the water this year that she constantly had pruned hands.  It was almost impossible to get her out of the lake to warm up, even when her lips were blue she continued to swim. 
She has become pretty confident in the water and swam unassisted (other then her water wings) out to the raft with her Dad.  She was pretty proud of her accomplishment and later made me swim out with her too.  Swimming to the raft is accompanied with jumping off the raft, which is also pretty fun.

There were lots of friends up at the cottage, 5 cottages, 10 babies, 10 adults.  It was a very fun and busy week.  Probably one of the most entertaining moments was when Jon and Stu decided to do a two man ski.  As you can see it went really well.

 They were successful in the end, but that picture wasn't nearly as funny.
 Quinn enjoyed hanging on the dock on the super comfy couch.
 Lola preferred the couch inside since it was close to the television.
 We also did more face painting.  This time Lola requested a parrot.
 She painted her arms to be her wings.
Dylan wanted an army man.  I explained that I was much better at princesses and butterflies, but he still went with the army man.

And lots of time spent playing on the beach and digging in the sand! We are already looking forward to our visit next August.

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