Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom - Part 2

We first celebrated Mom's birthday at the May Babies birthday party. But, this year Mom said that she wasn't going to be happy with just one birthday celebration. So, Dad invited a few friends over for dinner to fete her a second time.

Beej was, of course, one of the guests. We got to have our own table in the back so that we could watch a movie and eat dinner without being disturbed by all the adults talking.
Beej with the help of Katie and Mark was in charge of picking out the birthday cake. The final cake choice was kept a secret until the candles were lit and the singing began.
He decided on this amazing train ice cream cake. He thought that mom would love it because it involved trains and well, what else do you need?
Mom and Neven were very excited by the cake when it was finally revealed.
Beej and I doing a really good job at helping Mom blow out the candles.
After blowing out the candles, Beej and I helped Mom take them out and lick them off.
Beej and I were both very excited by the prospect of ice cream cake, it was too delicious for words.
I wanted to eat the face, which involved a lot of blue icing. I may have gotten some on my hands.
Happy Birthday Mom!

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