Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday May Babies

There are a lot of people in Mom's family who are born in May. So many in fact, that they just really refer to May as the Birthday month. This past weekend we got together to celebrate all those Dunton's who were born in May.One of the greatest things about a Dunton birthday is the cake. And since I am the only grandchild in Ontario now, I get to decorate the cake, lick the icing and eat smarties all by myself!
My Smartie cake placement is becoming more and more precise.
Grandpa and Baba kept a very close watch while I did my decorating work. Grandpa kept trying to get me to put my fingers in the icing so that he could lick it off. That way Baba can't get mad at him!
The May birthday party is considerably quieter now without the Winnipeg Dunton's, so we gave them a call. Here we are Skyping with the cousins. They couldn't be here in person, but they got to see everything that was going on.
Grandpa lighting the candles that I very carefully placed in the cake for Mom, Uncle Jon, and Uncle Josh.
The birthday gang, minus Uncle Jeff.
I started blowing out the candles before we even stopped singing. I like being first!

Happy birthday Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jon, and Uncle Josh!

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