Sunday, May 1, 2011

Man vs Ikea

Our house has looked a bit hoarder-ish lately, ever since Darcy took a trip to Ikea and came home with the eight boxes that would make up our new backyard furniture.
Almost our entire house has been made by the those sneaky Swedes and an allen key.
Lola loves when new boxes from Ikea arrive at our house because she knows that it means a special project for her and Daddy.
She is a really big helper and will pass you the 'knocker' or the 'squisher' when asked and very rarely misplaces one of the screws.
Lola and Darcy managed to get the table, six chairs, and the bench together. The project ended up spanning over two days and only involved one broken part and a dozen words we hope Lola doesn't repeat. The backyard look great, the only problem is that it has been raining ever since so I haven't had an opportunity to get outside and take some pictures of the finished product. Hopefully you will see lots of pictures of the new backyard set up over the summer!

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