Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at Home

The next stop on our Christmas tour was Christmas at home. Grandma came and spent the night and both of us were hoping that Santa wouldn't forget us. And he didn't! I was so excited to come downstairs in the morning (at 8:30am) and find my previously empty stocking full to the brim with lots of great things.
One of my favourites was my new Dora socks!

Santa also brought me my very own shopping cart! I quickly filled it up with all my favourite things and raced around the house doing some of my own 'shopping'.
When I made it back to the tree the adults had continued to open presents without me. Mom got a whole lot of candy in her stocking and I was enjoying sneaking it. In this photo I had just finished a mouth full of green Jelly Belly's.
Mom and Dad gave me this great guitar (with real strings) for Christmas.
As soon as we can find someone to show me how to play it; I'm going to be a rock star.
Grandma and Grandpa Steve gave me a totally awesome portable DVD player. I can watch Dora anywhere now. Here I am watching a video on the couch while Grandma looks at her Lola book.
At this point it was time to take a break from gift opening to have some breakfast, Dad did a great job with the eggs benny, but I mostly loved the sausage!
Back to the tree for some more presents!
Mom and Dad bought me my new 'fashion' boots. Now I have rain boots, winter boots, and fashion boots.
I really like the Lola book that Mom and Dad made for Grandma.
Totally a rock star in training! Dad says that this picture fits in well with my Lady Gaga photo collection.
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