Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in Mississauga

Christmas stop #4 found us in Mississauga celebrating a Dunton style Christmas. It is a pretty formulaic day; food, presents, celebrate Isabella's birthday, eat dessert, play a game, listen to a story, and head for home exhausted. Pepper that with smiles, laughter, some wine, and lots of love. And that is a Dunton style Christmas.
Lola wore her favourite pink party dress again. It didn't make it through lunch. There were a number of outfits worn by Lola throughout this day.
As soon as everyone arrived I made the cousins sat for a nice photo.
This will be the last time for a bit that these four are together, so I wanted to make sure that we had a nice photo.
Lola brought her guitar along to entertain the crowd with some before lunch music.
After a delicious lunch things really got going with present opening time. Joseph and Isabella are very very good and efficient at opening presents.
Uncle Rod and Aunt Paula were amused by the going ons.
Isabella received a box of princess dress up clothes. She was very excited about all her new dresses and was excited to be taking them to Winnipeg with her.
Lola got a new dolly from Aunt Sally and the gang, she has a soother that she like to pretend is hers. She also was lucky enough to get a Dora chair from Grandpa and Baba and pretty much spent the rest of the Christmas break sitting in her chair.
Joseph was also very happy with his presents. I just love that toothless smile.
Uncle Rod and Aunt Paula continued their game tradition. This year it was a Wheel of Fortune style game with Dunton sayings. We are divided into three teams, which have been previously established at past Christmases.
Team #3, they claim that they didn't even have a chance.
Team #2, they also had Sally on their team, but she was being responsible and was looking after the children, they should have done a lot better then they did!
And then team #1, apparently Jeremy and Josh were working on something important and I probably should have been paying attention, but whatever we still ended up as the champions. Two years in a row!
Patiently waiting for Jeremy's Christmas 2010 story to begin. The kids were really good during the story, Lola may have talked during some inappropriate moments, but it was another great Christmas story.
Lola and Madeline were really cute together. They played really nice and Lola was eager to share once she saw that Madeline was bringing a Jessie doll to the table.

The perfect way to end of a wonderful Christmas season; pj's and some cartoons with Baba. Thanks for such a wonderful Christmas everyone we loved every minute of it!

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