Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Collingwood

The first stop on our Christmas tour was Grandpa and Oma's for our Collingwood Christmas.Before we sat down to our traditional delicious dinner of cheese and seafood cooked in pots of boiling hot oil, we went for a winter walk.
Collingwood has been on the receiving end of a great deal of snow lately. Mom and Dad were excited to get out there, while I was a bit hesitant of snow drifts twice my height. Thankfully I was equipped with my bubble gum pink snowsuit in case of any emergencies.
Grandpa and Zen had built this super amazing snow fort last weekend.
Mom, Grandpa, Brett, and Tanta Ness were hanging out in there.
Dad and I decided to join in.
It was great fun.
After our walk I got dressed in my Christmas dress for dinner.
Mom tried very hard to take a nice picture of me.
I was having none of that.
Though I did stop long enough to take this cute picture with Oma.
Up next: Christmas carols! This is a high quality rhythm band, make sure that you book early for your next event!
After fondu and all that singing Grandpa and I did a little catching up
Then it was up to bed; mom and dad both fell asleep with me. So, really nothing happened until the next morning.
When we finally woke up on Christmas eve morning it was time for some presents. Jax and I were waiting patiently for presents.

Finally some presents! I was so excited to help everyone with the opening of their gifts. Tanta Ness and Brett were nice enough to wait and let me help them.
Here is Dad modeling his new pajama pants. Later in our vacation he wore them for 36 hours straight (but that is for another blog post).
Here I am helping Grandpa open his presents.
And also helping Oma.
After this session I was primed and ready for the big day of present opening. Thanks for the great Christmas Grandpa, Oma, Tanta Ness and Brett. Next stop...

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