Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Girl Bed

A little over two years ago we introduced Lola to her crib, she looked ridiculously little in it. She loved it and we loved that she loved it. Sleep was good and it was something that we all needed.
Lola has continued to love both sleep and her crib. She has a number of friends who have to come to bed with her every night.
This is the room that our baby girl slept in.
But apparently something has changed. She is no longer a baby girl, but now a big girl. She refuses to sit in a booster seat and completely refuses to sleep in a crib. Bed time has been trouble; there are tears, there is yelling, there is screaming; it has been hard.
Cue the big girl bed. After much discussion, lots of tears and late night cuddles, the big girl bed has arrived.
She was so excited to get into her new bed that she couldn't wait for Daddy to finish building it.

So what was once a baby room, is now Lola's big girl room.
All of her friends have been moved in.
She is currently asleep in her big girl bed;she went to bed with no tears, no screaming, no fuss. A very happy little lady who has gone from my little girl to a big girl in the blink of an eye.

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Aunt Sally said...

Wow! What a big girl. I love the first picture...little tiny baby..huge bed...so cute.