Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turning 5 - Part 1

Lola's 5th birthday celebrations started off with the Dunton birthday party.  The Dunton birthday parties are a pretty standard affair and over the years we have all come to know exactly what to expect from them.  Recently Baba and Grandpa Bill decided to shake things up and added a karaoke aspect to the celebrations.  This was pretty much the best thing that could happen to a five year old Lola.

She does a fantastic version of the Hex Girls
Shaymus and Tamara were in charge of decorating the cake.
Quinn tried to help, but all he did was eat the Smarties that Baba passed to him for decorating purposes.  So he was removed from cake decorating duties and delegated to snuggles.
Shaymus and Tamara did a great job on the cake.  Decorating the cake is normally Lola's job, so she was concerned about handing the duties off to others. 
In the end Lola was very impressed with the work that her cousins did on her birthday cake.  She had requested a pink cake with pink icing and pink candles.  When it comes to Lola the answer is normally pink, pink, and more pink!

Happy 5th Birthday Lola - part 1!

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