Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend

Thursday I came home sick from day care, so it was a four day weekend. Needless to say our Labour day weekend didn't start out that well.Feed a cold, sleep a fever...
On Saturday I was feeling a bit better, so mom and dad took me to buy my first and second pair of big girl shoes. Mom just couldn't resist these ones.
On Sunday my fever was down so we decided to take a trip to visit Grandpa and Oma.
Behind Daddy and Grandpa (far in the distance, if you squint your eyes just right) you can see Christian Island. Grandpa and Oma have promised to take me there on a sailing adventure!
Here we are out for a walk enjoying the amazing weather.

My fever got a bit out of control (again) in Collingwood, so I spent some time just cuddling on the couch and hanging around in my diaper.
For cocktail hour Oma gave me some hummus to eat (which I totally love). I wasn't the cleanest guest at cocktail hour, but definitely the most enthusiastic.
Thanks for a great visit Grandpa and Oma!

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