Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Happenings

Before we notice Christmas is going to be here and gone. Things have been very busy around here with getting ready for the big holiday and Lola being sick. But, we are almost organized and Lola is feeling better. Here are a few picture of the little lady and the things that she has been doing.
More amazing art work continues to come home from day care. Lola doesn't like to participate in the art projects that make her hands messy, but she loves crayons. Today when I picked her up from day care her teeth were blue and her breath smelt of crayons.
Lola has been attending a number of Christmas parties and has been a hit at everyone. This amazing jacket and matching boots from Oma and Grandpa doesn't hurt her jaw dropping entrances.
She is working on giving hugs (gentle ones). This bear from Meaghan has been the recipient of many hugs and a few nibbles.

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