Sunday, December 12, 2010

Isabella's Birthday Party

Isabella gets to share her birthday with the baby Jesus. And because it is hard to contend with Christmas, Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sally decided to throw Isabella an early birthday party. And because they have to compete with Christmas and the fact that we will never again get to celebrate birthdays together (we are a still a little bitter about the upcoming move) they made sure that this was the best kids birthday party ever!
We went to Build a Bear and (wait for it) we built bears! I made a football doggy named 'puppy'. I wanted to put him in a football outfit because then he would be 'just like daddy'. Joseph and I made the exact same football doggy, though Joseph named his football puppy 'doggy'.
Here is a photo of the gang afterwards showing off our super amazing creations.
I found this little guitar that you could get for your bear, I pretty much fell in love with it instantly. I'm pretty good on the miniature stuffed guitar, you would be pretty surprised.
The birthday girl with her bear all packed up to go home.
After we made our stuffed animals -- and I did a little work on the computer -- we headed out for some dinner and some super super sugary cupcakes. It was a great birthday party, even if the ride home was a little bit rough (lots of snow and sugar highs crashing). Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party Isabella. I can't wait to help you celebrate again on the 25th!

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