Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 8th through to the 11th

The 25 days of Christmas continue; please forgive the lack of witty phrasing in this post it is mostly composed of photos and brief descriptions.
On December 8th we made Christmas bracelets.

Froggy looked particularly dashing in his red Christmas bracelet.
December 9th was Christmas nail night.
Lola just wanted jewels on her nails, but she instantly regretted that when Mom busted out her amazing candy cane stripped nails.
On December 10th we made a paper chain garland for the tree.
And then on December 11th we went to a Christmas concert. Well, techinally Mom and Dad went to a Christmas concert while Lola stayed home with Grandma, but still a Christmas concert was enjoyed. After the show we had a big dinner back at our house with Grandma, Grandpa Steve, Baba and Grandpa Bill. Mom failed to take any photos at that gathering too.

More to come...

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